Study: Very Few Fans Are Actually Throwing Away Their CDs…

Sure, maybe you trashed your CD collection years ago, but that’s not the world! According to a study just shared by Norwegian on-demand specialist Aspiro Music, consumers are only just starting to ditch their CDs, in very low numbers.  That is, even in the most streaming-happy locales in the world.   According to Aspiro and research group Norstat, just 1-2 percent of music fans across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are actually trashing their discs or even giving them away.

That’s a surprisingly-low figure given the surging strength of streaming services in the region.  But a gray area immediately pops out, which is the substantial number of music fans deep-storing their CDs.  That suggests some attachment and interest in occassionally accessing these collections, but also a solid first step towards the garbage. But wait: what about all those CDs sitting on a shelf, right in the living room?  Well, here’s a surprise: people are actually listening to them.  Because Aspiro also found that more than half of music listeners are actively listening (and purchasing) CDs, despite ever-growing streaming adoption rates and continued strength from downloads.  And that figure is increasing.

At a top-level, CDs are getting the greatest usage from a graying population, though the generalizations end there.  Perhaps the biggest shocker comes from radio, which still attracted 80 percent of listeners in Denmark last month, and more than 70 percent in Sweden and Norway.  That is also paralleled in the US, where radio remains a surprisingly-entrenched and important source of daily listening and discovery. And, it looks like there’s still a tight battle between downloads and on-demand streams, with cloud-enabled downloads a wildcard in this race.  Here’s a question about where fans think things are going over the next few years…


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