Top Publisher: VEVO Isn’t Paying Anything to Indies…

If you thought VEVO was too good to be true, you might be right ― especially if you’re an indie.  According to a troubling critique from Songs Music Publishing CEO Matt Pincus, VEVO is sytematically skipping payments to indie publishers.  The bilk seems to be happening through highly-inclusive deals involving Vevo’s major label, joint venture partners, according to the Pincus’ op-ed (published in the Wrap).

Digital Music News contacted VEVO immediately after the Wrap published the piece.  VEVO emailed us back, but declined any comment.  The allegations, if true, would help to deflate a recent announcement that VEVO is now making $150 million in revenues annually, with more than $200 million going back to artists since inception.

Sounds great for VEVO and its partners, though Pincus says the fun stops there for Songs and other indie publishers and songwriters.

“What has gotten far less attention is the fact that independent publishers and the many songwriters we represent, have not received any money from Vevo. Ever,” Pincus writes.

“That’s right.

Vevo: $150 Million.  Independent publishers and songwriters: Zero.”