Music Fans: They Just Love Boring Homogeneity

Forget about the next discovery breakthrough app for a moment. What if most music fans really aren’t that motivated to discover new stuff?  Of course, radio stations tend towards mindless repetition, and homogeneity with other radio stations.  But the strange part is that music fans typically behave the same way – even given infinite choice and endless options to do otherwise.  For example, access to the entire collection of recorded music, with little-to-no-cost (or strings) attached.

Which raises the question: is there really something to unlock, at least beyond the niche fanatic?  Because whether spoon-fed (ie, radio), on-demand (YouTube, Spotify), or a-la-carte (iTunes), the resulting meals seem very similar.

Here’s a look at the ten most-played songs across terrestrial radio, Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube in the United States.  Across 40 potential slots, we found just 16 different artists and 20 different songs.

Here’s the stunningly-homogenous look.

(1) Terrestrial radio (source: Nielsen BDS)

(2) Spotify

(3) iTunes

(4) YouTube

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