I’m Another Indie Artist. And My Spotify Payouts Have Grown 62.7% In One Year…

It’s still half a penny. But it’s also growing.

Here’s a breakdown from another indie band, The Layaways, which started tracking their payouts in August, 2009.  There are two comparison timeframes: August, 2009 through March, 2011, and August, 2009 through June, 2012.

I. Spotify per-stream payouts through March, 2011

smallest: $0.0002056

largest: $0.011456

average: $0.002865

II. Spotify per-stream payouts through June, 2012

low: $.0000237253

high: $.011926

average: $.0046623

Difference in 15 months: +$0.0017973


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