Could Broadcast Radio Possibly Get Any Worse? Apparently, Yes…

Traditional, broadcast radio: it’s like a non-stop payola infomercial that rotates 14 songs to death.  But traditional radio is also cheap, easy, and ubiquitous for the consumer, which might explain its incredible ability to break new songs and influence pop music culture.  This is a format that isn’t going away tomorrow, and in fact, it could be getting even worse in the near future.

But isn’t the internet the great equalizer here?  Not necessarily: the following is a letter drafted by several Senators to FCC commissioner Julius Genachowski and shared with Digital Music News on Friday.  It argues that old, crusty, ‘terrestrial’ radio is still a very potent force in American media, and should have broader ownership diversity.  Genachowski is now making moves to further relax ownership restrictions not only for radio stations, but also related TV and print publications.  The result could make it even harder for newer artists to break through.


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