Warner Music Group Financial Results, 2002-2012…

Don’t worry: Billboard says the major labels are doing just fine.  But how long can this possibly last?


Warner Music Group

financial profits/losses, fiscal years 2002-2012 (as reported to the SEC).

2012: ―$190 million.

2011: ―$206 million.

2010: ―$143 million.

2009: ―$100 million.

2008: ―$56 million.

2007: ―$21 million.

2006: +$60 million.

2005: ―$169 million

2004: ―$1.422 billion.

2003: ―$1.353 billion.

2002: ―$6.026 billion.


Total: $9.626 billion

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  1. BigFM

    This reaffirms my thinking that the future is a licensing farm with much lower (and fairer) rates for start-ups. So after this crashes, guess who gets a much better deal? Spotify,Apple, Deezer and pretty much anyone else.

  2. SwedishMusic

    What does this have to do with the state of the music business? You have to look at other companies as well. Also, where are the numbers prior to 2002? That would be of interest too… This is a lousy “article” that means absolutely nothing at all.


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