What Else? Bulldog, HMV, Myspace, Lyricfind, Edelman, Mac Miller…

Yes, the festival will continue to be televised, across innumerable screens and devices.  Which spells opportunity: now, ex-AEG Digital Media executives John Petrocelli and Josh Lennox are launching Bulldog Digital Media, teased to Digital Music News as the “first live digital video content strategy consultancy.” These guys have already played instrumental roles in streams from mega-events like Coachella and the Grammys; more as formal announcements and details emerge.

The crumbling HMV may have a buyer, with Deloitte managing the distressed sales process.  Hilco, which owns the chain in Canada, is emerging as one early possibility, with private equity groups Oakley Capital, Endless and Better Capital also being mentioned.  Separately, sources have pointed to inconveniently sticky bailout attempts by major labels, including Universal Music Group, who were ultimately unable to save the ship.  Dangling questions over payments and other details remain ahead.

But will anyone notice/care? The ‘New Myspace‘ is officially here, and it actually looks pretty decent.  The ‘old’ and ‘new’ are being separated, with crusty Myspace stalwarts being encouraged to migrate to the updated space.

The move comes just as Myspace executive Justin Timberlake drops his latest single, “Suit & Tie,” teaser to a broader album release slated for later this year.

Lyricfind has now attracted a ‘small personal investment’ from VC Larry Marcus of Walden Venture Capital, according to the company.  Separately, Lyricfind will be powering Gracenote’s lyric services moving forward, though the companies remain separate otherwise.

Daniel Edelman, founder of Edelman PR, has now passed away.  He was 92.

And how much does a blatantly ‘borrowed’ sample cost?  That depends, but in the case of Mac Miller, a lifted Lord Finesse track on “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” cost $10 million.  The parties, locked in litigation in New York, just disclosed the settlement.


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