What Else? MIDEM, Deezer, Musicmetric, Spotify, BandPage, Shuffler.fm, by:Larm, INgrooves, MediaNet, CueSongs…

We’re shipping out to MIDEM tonight! Let’s meet on the Rue (hit me up at paulr@), or, talk business over stiff drinks on my AirFrance DL8631 jumbo jetliner (seriously, I’m flying out of IAD to CDG tonight at 19:20 if by chance…)

The globally-comprehensive streaming music service is suddenly less of a mirage.  Save the States for later, but Deezer continues to build its considerable list of territories, with Brazil announced this week.

Data’s been supremely alluring for years, but oh, how to monetize it?  Let’s see how Musicmetric fares: the company just grabbed a $4.7 million injection from parent Semetric, and just announced the inclusion of Spotify global usage data.  “The sheer volume of Spotify users means that access to the data will be of immense value to Musicmetric’s customers,” the company stated.

And life after Open Graph continues for BandPage, which is continuing to expand its distribution focus.  The well-financed startup is now boasting an endpoint spread that includes Soundcloud, Twitter, and even Pandora’s concert listings.  “All of these further our goals of helping musicians get their music/photos/tour dates in front of their fans at significant points of music discovery and consumption,” the company emailed this morning.

There’s longtime chit-chat on the cannibalistic toll that Spotify has taken on Hype Machine.  This would further fuel that chit-chat: Shuffler.fm, which pulls recommendations and buzz from music blogs — sound familiar? — has just launched its Spotify app.

MIDEM’s hastily upon us, but if you’re anywhere in the Scandinavian woods, you might want to check out by:Larm in Oslo.  It’s happening February 13-16th, which isn’t exactly summertime in Norway but nonetheless a very worthwhile experience.  We participated a few years back and soaked in a fairly unique market that also happens to be digitally forward-leaning.  Oh, and be sure to take the Black Metal guided tour (seriously).

And, INgrooves Fontana continues to expand.  The UK-based International outfit has just tacked a number of indies onto its distribution spread, including Full Time Hobby for both physical and digital distribution in North America.

Because turf battles are fun.  Now, MediaNet is expanding its suite of administrative services to include areas like mechanical and performance licensing.  “By expanding our administration services, MediaNet will become the only company offering a complete rights and administration package for digital music service clients,” said MediaNet CEO Frank Johnson.

YouTube has a lot of channels, and the collections keep expanding.  So who will deejay it all? Enter CueSongs, powered by Peter Gabriel and Ed Averdieck, which has just negotiated a blanket license for all the music on the Global Cycling Network.  It’s really a ‘dope’ deal…



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  1. hippydog

    looking at the rate cards for places like CueSongs and other Performance rights places,

    really puts an interesting spin on the whole fighting for $$$ for artists..

    Corporations are being asked to pay thousands of dollars for a limited one time use, yet musicians are paying to be ripped off by low paying ‘online’ radio stations..

    seems weird to me 😉

  2. Visitor

    “We’re shipping out to MIDEM tonight”

    So perhaps we Europeans actually can expect to get your Good Morning stories in the morning for a while… 🙂


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