The Latest! Coachella, Amoeba, ReverbNation, HMV Strange, Coulton Retaliates, Gaga, Capitol…

Here’s a nice problem to have: Coachella‘s site was crashing, frustrating, and otherwise technically glitching on Tuesday amidst a mad rush for weekend one tickets.  About 10-15 minutes into the meltdown, the entire weekend was sold out, though some were apparently able to score lingering tickets over the next few hours.

There’s nothing like the real thing, but… Amoeba Music has just upgraded to include lots of dusty ol’ vinyls, including rare LPs by unknown authors.  “What you see now is the lost-between-the-cracks, underappreciated, undervalued (music) from dead labels, (obscure) artists, stuff that we really stand behind,” Amoeba co-owner Jim Henderson told Variety.

This is big.  ReverbNation is now trotting out some lofty stats from 2012, including an artist base of over 2.5 million.  That’s 15 million songs, and enough to power more than a billion YouTube views a month. That’s all happening alongside a revamped site, fresh new digs, and growing properties like Promote It (and for more on that, here’s a quick, 1:30 wrap.)

So here’s a strange story: we just got an email from the UK-based Entertainment Retail Association (ERA) claiming that music sales are up 11.6 percent in January, year-over-year.  Sounds like a nice post-holiday bump for Britain, but one that HMV is apparently contributing to.  “There has been a significant public reaction to the threat to HMV,” ERA director Kim Bayley relayed.  “Stores have been inundated with customers concerned that they may lose their local store and this appears to have translated into sales.”

Rdio is the latest streaming contender to jab on the world stage.  The company is now offering 6 months of free (or sorry, ‘freemium’) access in 15 of its 17 countries, with Germany and Brazil not included.  Mobile isn’t include in the splurge.

So Glee blatantly ripped-off Jonathan Coulton‘s funny cover of “Baby Got Back,” which is actually completely legal.  That is, unless portions of the actual cover recording were lifted, which Coulton is investigating.  Anyway, Coulton is releasing a new version ‘In the Style of Glee’ for kicks.  And if you’re wondering just how painfully similar these tracks are, listen to this synched playback of both covers at the same time.

And you thought Lady Gaga‘s Twitter following was bad.  YouTube has just decided to lower Lady Gaga’s viewcounts by a cool 156 million, based on suspiciously inflated or otherwise artificial plays.  A number of other superstars have received a ‘discount,’ as well as major labels like Sony Music Entertainment (as part of their VEVO transition).

In shuffles, Capitol Music Group has just named Todd von Mende as CFO; Mende comes over from Universal Music Group.


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