What Else? Clear Channel, Robbins, Gaga, SF Musictech, WMG, An Epic Cleanup…

Write your Congressman?  Here’s another way to get your recording performance royalty from big radio: negotiate it yourself.  On the heels of a direct licensing pact with Big Machine Records, Clear Channel Communications has now inked a similar arrangement with indie dance/pop label Robbins Entertainment, one that includes an all-encompassing royalty payouts (with digital the cherry on top).  The news was tipped to Digital Music News last night.

“I bought the bull—,” Jimmy Iovine waxed to Walt Mossberg at D:Dive Into Media earlier this week, discussing a fateful pitch from none other than Lady Gaga.  The amazing part is that Gaga had just been dropped and effectively rejected by the big label establishment (of which Iovine is a card-carrying member).  Anyway, back to the present, the world will have to wait to see Gaga on her next tour: the larger-than-life, stratospheric-selling performer has cancelled the Born This Way Ball based on a… hip injury.

This, however, will not be canceled.  It’s the ever-surging SF Musictech Summit, kicking off this Tuesday the 19th in Japantown, San Francisco.  Lineups, luminaries, parties… see you there.  More details at sfmusictech.com.

And these guys deserve multi-million dollar compensation packages because…?  Warner Music Group has delivered another soggy financial scorecard, with revenues dropping 0.8 percent in the latest quarter and losses tripling to $79 million.  On the heels of a purchase of Parlophone, long-term debt now stands at $2.225 billion.  Let the looting commence!

Good luck with that one.  Epic Records (Sony Music Entertainment) is now scrambling to clean the internet of a just-released, Future remix of ‘Karate Chop’ featuring Lil’ Wayne.  The track features outrageously disrespectful and sexually-tinged lyrics about Emmett Till (specifically, ‘Beat that p–sy up like Emmett Till’).  That has drawn outrage from both Till descendants and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, among others…



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