American Tax Dollars Are Now Assisting Pirate Sites…

This almost seems too strange to be true, though no one is denying it (or, fixing it).  After rifling through the laundry list of major corporations found advertising on illegal music download and cyberlocker sites, the Wall Street Journal stumbled upon an interesting name: the US Forestry Service.


That is, the taxpayer-funded agency that overseas US forests and grasslands, and a division of the US Department of Agriculture.  Welcome to the intricately-complex web of online advertising, which is suddenly shifting a portion of American tax dollars towards pirate sites, cyberlockers, and illegally-uploaded content.

“NBC’s special [anti-piracy] unit said it recently discovered advertisements for Blockbuster and the U.S. Forest Service on cyberlockers that had trafficked in its content without permission. The ads had been supplied through Google’s AdSense, which places ads related to keywords. The Ad Council, which handles ads for the Forest Service, said any time its ads ran on questionable sites, it requested that they be taken down immediately.”

Wall Street Journal, March 3rd.

The US Forest Service received a budget of roughly $4.85 billion in 2012.  We’re awaiting response from the government agency.

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  1. Too lazy
    Too lazy

    I love this story.

    DMN readers, call or better e-mail your congress person. Ask them if this true.

    I am serious. Politicians love this kinda stuff.

  2. Alec Mccoun

    I had AT&T when they when they where still cingular. When it changed to AT&T the customer service went from great to non existent. Last straw with AT&T is when a 911 dispatch called and said I have called several times and the where calling the Highway Patrol. Called AT&t asap and asked for my call history and they confirmed I never called 911, but they wouldn’t email the updated call log or talk to the Officer. After getting several supervisors they finally did take care of it. DONT TRUST AT&T!!!


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