Grooveshark Issues a DMCA Takedown Notice Against Infringing Programmers…

When it comes to DMCA takedowns, Grooveshark is generally a company that likes to receive. But now, it turns out they also give on occasion.

Grooveshark (through parent Escape Media Group) appears to have sent this DMCA takedown notice to developers using their source code illegally.  Grooveshark didn’t respond to the email listed on this takedown notice, which was posted on github (an inquiry was also sent to Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino.)


And, this would be the familiar result.


5 Responses

  1. Visitor

    Well, they’ll just have to find another way to monetize their business … if a recording artist can do it (it must be easy, right?) surely a f$cking code monkey can too.

  2. Manager

    Perhaps they could monetize their business by selling T-Shirts, just like artists are apparently supposed to?


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