Check Out Spotify’s Swanky New San Francisco Digs…

If streaming is the future, then Spotify is the company spending hundreds of millions to own that future.  At present, Spotify has at least 18 different offices sprinkled throughout the globe, which doesn’t include this swanky spot in San Francisco.

The company just signed a lease for three entire floors above the historic Warfield Theatre, for a total of 35,000 square feet.  “Spotify is innovating how we listen to music, and I am thrilled to welcome them as the 11th technology company to choose a central Market location,” San Francisco mayor Ed Lee stated.


The location moves the Spotify San Francisco team from a smaller, South of Market (SoMA) spot.  The Warfield obviously fits, though part of the motivation for Spotify was a payroll tax benefit specific to the area.  And, talk about perks: the 988 Market Street spot is easily accessible by multiple forms of transportation, and the Warfield awaits every employee and executive at night.



Meanwhile, Spotify is hiring like crazy, though most of the US-based positions are for New York.  Earlier, Spotify was rumored to be closing on a pricey penthouse office on Sixth Avenue, though the company remains at 76 Ninth Ave for the time being.

Top two images snapped by BWChicago; Warhols image by Jeff Marquis.  All licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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      …and he is corrrrect! Spotify is a Napster in improved and portable form. This a rape on mentally impaired victim. Life time in prison in real world!

  1. Bad Neighborhood
    Bad Neighborhood

    There is a reason Spotify, Twitter and other tech companies are getting big tax breaks to move into that area. It’s filled with junkies, crackheads and meth freakers. It’s possible that the future of Spotify includes one of their employees getting knifed in the ribs walking to the office.

  2. A_Keyes from SF
    A_Keyes from SF

    Being from the Bay Area, I have to say that a couple of elements of this article are a bit misleading. First of all, the middle of Market Street above the Warfield Theatre is NOT a swanky neighborhood. On that block, it is not uncommon to see homeless people kicking each other. Furthermore, you have included photos of the Warfield Theatre itself in the article, suggesting that Spotify is literally working out of the Warfield Theatre. True, 35,000 square feet is lot of space, but I don’t think you can start throwing around the word “swanky” if you haven’t even seen the office itself.

  3. dr zogg
    dr zogg

    don’t listen to any of the crap above, paul. your article and photos are fine…its very exciting news on many levels.
    anyone bad-mouthing spotify is just jealous if they are in the digital music business; if they are an artist or songwriter they are simply not clever enough to figure out how to find add’l ways to monetize their craft; if they are consumers they should shut their mouths and be thankful for awesome, nearly free music on demand; if they office in any area near that fantastic historic theter building they should jump for joy over it’s future make-over…and anyone familiar with sf should know that street people are everywhere, including swanky areas.
    keep up the great reporting, bro.

    • FarePlay

      “if they are consumers they should shut their mouths and be thankful for awesome, nearly free music on demand”
      Dr Zogg, do you work for nearly free?

      • GGG

        I’m not sure Dr Zogg understands sarcasm or has ever read DMN before if he thinks this is a positive article…

  4. DMNrules

    Does anyone really care about this???
    I personally want to read more stories about how Itunes is revolutionizing the music industry with a pre-stream of Daft Punk, one of the most highly anticipated records of the year, give me a break.


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