Just Launched: ReverbNation and SoundOut Partner Up for ‘Crowd Review’

SoundOut, a leading online music industry consumer insight and analytics service, has entered a multiyear partnership with ReverbNation for their new Crowd Review.


This partnership surrounds a new platform that is expected to generate objective feedback to “build out unique opportunities for artists who receive favorable Crowd Reviews,” according to Jed Carlson, President and Co-founder of ReverbNation.

Under the agreement, SoundOut is to provide a vast array of crowd-sourced reviews and ratings, including music consumer analysis of the hundreds of thousands of tracks by artists in the ReverbNation community. Their patent pending analytics engine depends on over 300,000 music consumers who review new music 24/7, and releases weekly research finding to radio groups such as CBS Radio.

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  1. danwriter

    “SoundOut is to provide a vast array of crowd-sourced reviews and ratings..”

    Another opportunity to game the system for profit. “Likes” for sale.


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