FanFlex Tries to Reinvent the Wheel with Fan-Demanded Concerts…

In what comes as a surprise to no one, today marks the release of yet another music app.

Today, FanFlex announces the launch of their beta app that lets the average smartphone-wielding citizen request bands to come to their town. This sounds awfully similar to Eventful Demand and Songkick Detour, two sites with strong followings that let yo – you guessed it – demand bands come to your town.

FanFlex is similar to Songkick Demand in that the user pledges to buy a ticket.  Credit cards are charged if the band answers the demand with a show.

What could set FanFlex apart is their game plan: artists can begin a campaign by specifying which regions and dates they will take requests for.  FanFlex could also tap into a wider audience, as music isn’t Eventful’s main focus and Songkick Demand is only available in England (though they plan to expand).

There is no word on FanFlex’s sites regarding operating systems, but there are pictures of iPhones everywhere.

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