Does Anyone Care About ‘Music Television’? Diddy Officially Launches Revolt TV…

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Diddy is now trying to build a network from the ashes of music television.

This evening (October 21st) marks the premiere of Sean Combs‘ (or Diddy’s, P. Diddy’s, Puff Daddy’s) new television network Revolt TV. The network is launching on Comcast Xfinity TV and Time Warner Cable in Florida, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  More cities are expected in the near future.

They claim to represent “the architects who define culture and influence society” and are planning on building their audience using social media…

Which means somehow, Revolt plans on convincing a generation that strays away from TV to tune back in.

The only content Revolt has been specific about is ‘music’, with plans to cover whatever is hot among the young people. CEO Keith Clinkscales told The Hollywood Reporter, “if young people bang it… we’ll cover it.”  They will do this through social media-powered, real-time programming and behind-the-scenes looks into the lives of artists.

Sean Combs has also recruited Andy Schuon, former programming chief of MTV, a music network that has notoriously little to do with music.

So, let’s review: Twitter is counting on TV to make money, while Revolt is counting on social media to make TV,  and ‘music television’ is something people want.

Any questions?

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  1. American Beauty

    Note to S.C. Puff-N-Stuff: If you build it, they will NOT come! Merely a fairy tale notion from a movie that was popular just before you were relevant. I do like the idea of giving Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller a little face time on your new…ah…um… whatever it is, but I doubt that young people will be bangin’ it much.

  2. GGG

    I think shows/programs could come back, like an American Jools Holland (although, let’s be real, it’d have some hack host and probably be lame) but a whole network? No chance.

  3. Shane Basye NRG

    They claim to represent “the architects who define culture and influence society”

    I doubt that x100,000,000

    Be ready to see nothing but shitty pop music hand selected by P Diddy. Its another pop major label monopoly.


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