Need Another Event Recommendation App? This One Just Raised $7.2M…

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Yet another ticket-selling app is vying for popularity.

Applauze has announced that it has raised $7.2 million after already raising $4.2 million in seed funding earlier this year.

The app has been around since March of this year, and has supposedly been doing well so far.  AllThingsD reports that investors are impressed with Applauze’s “product sense” and their rate of sale.  The money came from True Ventures, m8 Capital and StubHub’s co-founder.

Unlike competitors such as or Songkick, Applauze recommends more than just concerts.  It recommends sports, theater, and even community events — increasing its potential to become a primary event recommendation source.  Applauze pulls data from Facebook to help with recommendations and allows users to invite friends to events. Users can also chat with friends who are attending the same event inside the app. Data is pulled from primary ticket sellers as well as StubHub and other resellers.

Applauze’s gimmick isn’t cheap tickets, it’s ease of purchase. They’ve set up a three-click ordering system, and guarantee ticket arrival — even on same day purchases.

The app appears to be a good choice for easily finding tickets to sold out events.  Friday’s James Blake concert has been sold out for weeks, but Applauze has tickets listed… at $65. However, don’t dump all your eggs into Applauze’s basket: tickets for an upcoming Zendaya show are listed at $56, but are still available for $18.75 at Ticketmaster.

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