Why Britain Refused to Chart Lady Gaga’s Latest Single…


Lady Gaga’s new single will not be allowed to chart in the UK until the album’s release next month.

Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Do What U Want,” is available for purchase, but will not enter the UK charts until her full album comes out. This is because the single is being offered as an instant free track for those who pre-order the album, which breaks an arcane chart-tracking rule in Britain.

The Official Chart Company rules state that only one song per album is allowed to chart while being given away as part of an album pre-order, and Gaga already did that with the first single,  “Applause”.

Makes sense?  Well, Complete Music Update points out that the song started out as an incentive track, but was then named a single due to popularity.  The track then became available for stand-alone purchase.  The data the charts use does not differentiate between which tracks were promotional and which were paid for.

Only some downloads of the track are ineligible, so the Official Charts Company is basically saying: “since we aren’t told which ones can be charted…too bad”.

Image: No, that’s not a picture of Lady Gaga, it’s a Koons sculpture of Lady Gaga…

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