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littleBits and Korg Ask: ‘Why Can’t a Synthesizer be Like Legos?’

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littleBits and Korg have announced a modular handheld Synth Kit.

The kits are turning the synthesizer into an accessible DIY experience.  Each contains various modules, such as power, oscillator, keyboard, sequencer, speaker, and more. Kind of like the Legos of synthesizers.



These will be available in a base, premium, or deluxe kit with a low price point. The synth can connect to external devices or other littleBits’ project kits.


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littleBits hopes this product will appeal to both experts and novices.  “This is super easy for novices and experts alike to expand creativity into the world of sound and music,” the group noted.


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Comments (8)
  1. Danwriter

    It’s like a Heathkit radio kit from the mid-20th century. Cool. It’d be great if people can learn what actually goes into music technology with deconstructed kits like this. Then we won’t be playing “guess the name of the factory patch” on the radio as often.

  2. Bandit

    This is a cool idea. I hope that the final audio output is similar if not identical to vintage Korg.

  3. Guy Thompson

    It’s like MAX for Realzies…

    1. Nina Ulloa

      This is more about an accessible DIY building process I think…

    2. Seriously.

      Heh, I was about to say.

    1. BroadHook

      Bleep Labs


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