GuitareTab’s Lawyer Threatens Digital Music News (for Reporting Their Legal Problems)

Last week, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) announced preliminary legal action against 50 infringing lyrics sites, based on research conducted by artist/activist David Lowery.  Digital Music News reported on this announcement, and re-published Lowery’s ‘Top 50 Undesirable Lyric Websites’ list in the article.  “This is not a campaign against personal blogs, fan sites, or the many websites that provide lyrics legally,” NMPA president David Israelite announced, referring to the list of 50.

“NMPA is targeting fifty sites that engage in blatant illegal behavior, which significantly impacts songwriters’ ability to make a living.”

Here’s the original article.

So what would you do, if you were on that list, as reported by Digital Music News?  Well, one of the sites in that list, and its owner, the British Virgin Islands-based Quester Group, has decided that Digital Music News has published ‘false and defamatory’ remarks about GuitareTab.  That is, simply by reporting about the legal action, publishing Lowery’s list, and referencing the comments of the NMPA announcement and resulting action.  

They’ve even demanded a full and prominent ‘retraction,’ within five days, or face unspecified legal consequences.

That five days has now expired, and Digital Music News has not, and doesn’t have any plans to, update our post or issue any prominent ‘retraction’.  If David Israelite, President & CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), realizes that somehow this was all a big mistake, then we’ll report on that.  So you might want to talk to David about that one.

Here’s the friendly letter we received from attorney Tony Berman of Berman Entertainment and Technology Law.  Mr. Berman also sent this exact same letter to David Lowery, who they are also trying to intimidate.



8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Reminds of when the Pirate Bay wanted to sue that Finnish anti-piracy group. 🙂

  2. Manny Chien

    Shouldn’t the lawyer have said “My client informs me that…”? Now the lawyer is saying that the site is licensed. Better be true, that lawyer doesn’t live in the British Virgin Islands.

  3. Farley Grainger

    Apparently DMN doesn’t think it is defamation to report on someone else’s announcement concerning allegations of infringing behavior and to report on the very public controversy about the allegations. I can’t offer a legal opinion about that, but if DMN is right, that leaves some unpleasant questions about the motives of Guitaretab lawyers in threatening legal action.

    • Anonymous

      “Apparently DMN doesn’t think it is defamation to report on someone else’s announcement concerning allegations of infringing behavior”

      And you know why? Because it isn’t.

  4. Dry Roasted

    So, put egg in Resnikoff’s face and show that to your client? Paul you should refuse to cover any company that works with this clown-ass “attorney”


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