James Murphy Has Created an Espresso Blend…


Alert the French press…

James Murphy has developed a signature espresso blend with James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee.

The former LCD Soundsystem frontman told Rolling Stone that he based the blend on his own coffee drinking habits:

“It’s a very neutral espresso with really intense elements…No filler, all really good single-origin beans. It’s lighter than a traditional Italian roast, but not as light as a Nordic espresso…The idea is that it should have a real complexity on the palate, like a single-origin does, but not be difficult on the finish. It should be very friendly.”

Plans for a public release have not been solidified yet.

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    • Paul Resnikoff
      Paul Resnikoff

      LCD Soundsystem is awesome, I’d really recommend diving in. Start with “Someone Great,” I used to play this non-stop, blasting it. Maybe I’ll do that now.

      But to the other commenter, you really have to cut people slack if they haven’t heard of stuff. There’s just too much inundating the average person these days… great artists and work just get washed away in the deluge.


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