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After 4 Weeks, Beyoncé Has Already Outsold Her Previous Album…

She didn’t need Spotify, Amazon or Target to get the job done.  And she still doesn’t need them.  After just four weeks on the charts, Beyoncé’s self-titled release has now completely outsold her previous release, 4 (which was – and is – available on Spotify, Amazon, and Target).

According to stats from Nielsen Soundscan, Beyoncé the album has now sold 1.43 million units, beating 4‘s 1.39 million.  4 was released on June 28, 2011, roughly 80 weeks ago.



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Comments (9)
  1. Visitor

    Maybe she doesn’t need other stores than iTunes. About every other musician does. Please stop these nonsense articles. Streaming is here and it is here to stay no matter what other visitors say.

    1. Vail, CO

      Defensive, are we?

    2. Anonymous

      “Maybe she doesn’t need other stores than iTunes”

      Obviously not. :)

  2. godvin

    what she did was excellent. we all know everybody can not get the same sales that she did. but, every artist can build there own audience without a labels help. streaming is here for now. and will taper off soon.

    1. Nonsense

      Streaming is here to stay. Just like cloud software of any other kind. Or maybe i will just cancel my netflix and go back to driving to the video store every time I want to see a movie or get a huge hard drive and back up all my “downloads” in case the other one crashes….. Duh….not.

    2. Jughead

      “Streaming will taper off”?

      Doubtful. I think it is the most exciting change to distributing music since iTunes. The next generation won’t care if they have a physical copy as long as they can always stream it on their mobile device.

      1. David

        You’re making the big assumption that streaming is a viable business, which it isn’t (yet).

        1. Visitor

          Remember Youtube. Didn’t look viable at the start.

  3. CBQ

    Seriously? She’s sold over 1.2 trillion units? Surely some mistake?


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