Annotations On-the-Go: Rap Genius’ iOS App Is Live…


Deal-making Rap Genius brings their wares to iOS.  The free “Genius” app is now available for iPhones on the App Store.

Genius provides a way for people to look up Rap Genius annotations on the go. It includes rap, rock, poetry, and even news articles. The annotated poetry section could potentially help students in the same way CliffsNotes does.


Users can easily look up music stored on their own device and can play the song while looking at the annotation. These annotations provide information about the artist, the popularity of the song, and the lyrics. Yellow lyrics are clickable, leading to an in-depth description.


Songs that are not on a user’s device can be streamed via SoundCloud if the track is available. A link to the music video on YouTube is also included.


Genius provides a variety of ways to search for annotations, including by artist, title, lyrics, or a Shazam-style song identifier.

The song identifying feature is pretty cool. I played “Brain” by BANKS and the app identified it, even though the song had only been released two hours prior.

Genius provides a fun and informative way to identify songs. You’ll learn more about the song you’re identifying if you use Rap Genius over Shazam or SoundHound.

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