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The Top 10 Music Apps of 2013…

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App Annie, a company that tracks app analytics, has released their 2013 retrospective. They used App Store and Google Play data to compile this list of the top 10 music apps, sorted by revenue.

Total music app revenue in 2013 went up 77 percent from 2012. Most of the revenue came from Apple’s App Store.

The report doesn’t touch on how much of this revenue is turning a profit, so it’s quite possible that these apps spent a lot more in 2013 as well.

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Comments (6)
  1. Alex Frost

    So, does “revenue” mean money spent on buying the actual app? If so, that explains why spotify isn’t on this list. The app is free to download, the subscription is what costs money. I’m not sure if this is a really relevant list–half of this list sparks no name recognition for me. Seems like something compiled just to have Pandora be at the top of something.

    1. Me

      The Pandora app is also free, and aren’t the Deezer and Rdio apps free as well?

  2. Mike B

    I don’t get this either. Can someone please explain the criteria underlying this list? What revenue?

  3. marcos

    Revenue includes whether an app is paid for, or if there is the ability for an in-app purchase (such as an in-app upgrade). If the app upgrade is available outside of the app like with spotify (on the web) then it’s not tracked.

  4. Rdio

    Rdio allows purchases of its subscription in the iOS store, unlike its competitors, I’m pretty sure.
    The fact that they’re on this list says do not write them off. Best streaming service.

  5. Jocelyn Clark

    As a fan of cover music, I wish was on the list


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