Sky Ferreira: “They Think It’s Okay to Say Vile & (Sexually) Abusive S*&t to Me on the Internet”

What it’s like to be famous…


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  1. hippydog

    Quote “by Paul Resnikoff
    What it’s like to be famous…”
    correction 😉
    This is what its like to be famous in days of social media.. 🙂

  2. toobad

    She probably shouldn’t have put a topless picture of herself on her album cover to sell records then. She doesn’t deserve to be shitted on but a shtick like that immediately puts you in a certain column… Thirst Trapping

  3. Willis

    When you’re “on the line” everyone and everything is fair game. It’s the Wild West when you’re sitting behind a computer, completely anonymous (so you think).


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