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Becoming a recording artist is easier than ever, but there are absolutely no guarantees of success. Although digital music distribution on the Internet has given everyone the chance to be a published artist, the competition to reach the upper echelons of the charts has never been more fierce.

As an independent artist, you are probably protective over your material, your image and the direction of your career – understandably so. One of the main advantages of being independent is the freedom it gives you to create the music and the image you want. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need help, and Ditto Music is there for you in a number of ways.

Music Distribution Services

Get your music onto more than 200 music stores and streaming services by letting Ditto Music do all the hard work on your behalf. Your tracks can be available for purchase or streaming via sites such as Spotify, iTunes and Rhapsody within 24 hours.

The Chance to Start Your Own Record Label

Nothing keeps you in control of your own music career like having your own record label. You can call the shots when it comes to release dates, pricing, distribution and artistic choices. You can also retain 100 percent of the royalties your music earns.

Industry-Leading Promotional Services

The hard work done by Ditto Music doesn’t end when your tracks are uploaded onto online music stores and streaming sites. There is a comprehensive range of services available that help to promote your material around the world and advance your career.

Ditto Music has close working relationships with some of the key movers and shakers in the British music industry, so you can get the expert advice and guidance that is essential to success.  Whether you are in search of a leading music producer or a top PR executive with all the right contacts, Ditto Music can introduce you to some of the most successful figures in the music world. You can choose to have specific areas of promotion managed on your behalf, or there is a comprehensive promotional package that looks after all the various issues involved in getting a career off the ground.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Matt and Lee Parsons know all about being independent recording artists, as they have walked the path themselves. Inspired by the difficulties they experienced in trying to get their own music published, they started Ditto Music as a way of helping aspiring musicians to get their careers off to the best possible start.

If you want to know what Ditto Music is all about, you only have to look at the success that has already been achieved. As well as getting their artists to the top of charts around the world – including in Ireland and France – Ditto Music already has 11 UK top-40 hits under its belt. And among the illustrious list of superstars to have partnered with the music distributions specialist are the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Tupac and Manfred Mann.

Matt and Lee know exactly what you are going through as a musician trying to make your way in the cut-throat music business – because they have been in exactly the same position. They have experienced the joys and disappointments of forging a career in music. And through their own experiences, and their huge network of contacts in the industry, they are ideally placed to kick-start your dreams of being a successful recording artist.

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  1. Anonymous

    Paul, love ya buddy, the idea of sponsored posts here bums me out the most.

    I know we all need to eat, but just sayin.

    • Anonymous

      “we all need to eat”

      Exactly — so what’s the problem?

      I much prefer this open type of sponsorship compared to the disguised product placement we see all the time.

  2. Omg

    I think readers of DMN are smart enough to know that Ditto isn’t the end all be all. First the company does look great and I’m sure the staff works very hard but this isn’t something that should even be on this website. Secondly, since DMN is always showing articles about what artists make on streaming providers perhaps readers can see a look at how much Ditto paid and/or DMN received for a post like this which strives to be educational but in my opinion discounts what many other distributors and companies are doing for artists and record labels. I don’t see many other companies paying for a post that advertises their services this I think the consensus should be that this is useless.

    Yes, a long rambling post. But at least it was free.

  3. Don

    I don’t trust companies who want to take you money to “promote” you but they use Google Analytics on their own websites. Seriously, if you can’t figure out how to do analytics properly, you should be in this business at all.

  4. Chris

    Seeing as Jeff Price gets free advertorial masquerading as news on here all the time it’s nice to see that his competitors are allowed to post – albeit as a sponsored post.

    Ditto are a great company who do some great work

  5. Scott Garrett

    It is quite nice to see Ditto being mentioned above the usual Tunecore or CDbaby articles as they offer quite a different, more specialised service.
    I have been with them for 7 years both for distribution and promotion of my artists so i feel i can comfortably give an opinion and if anyone needs a reference feel free to make contact.
    Scott Garrett

    MAS Records

  6. Don Lichterman

    That don up there is not me but i am weighing this month is what is best to deal with this day and age from a digital distribution POV? These pay services vs the % based ones. I do NOT think any pay services are bad because they cant really be since you buy whatever service and conversely the ones that are % based have horrible custy service. Which is ironic since the latter types of companies are the ones that need you to last longer in your deal since they get paid based on your sales over long periods of times….whereas the pay service pay out 100% in most cases and therefore once that fee is paid…any man hours, etc..is a wash or must be taken from that initial and annual fee…For peace of mind…I assume that pay services are best but if you get by the % based ones NOT caring, u obviously save money not paying initial fees…which could be put into mkg or radio promotion, etc….DMN needs to do a story about that or not a story but someone needs to do a real up to date comparison chart of everyone that shows up in a search and that does both forms of digital distribution…That would save people looking lots of time and lots of energy….This sponsored link is good for people that happen to searching for digital distro but then again..if you are looking…ditto shows up everyone in any search…

  7. Nooobodyreally

    Prefer this a million times over yet another Ari Herstand “article” touting his crappy music, rising show count, and “Ten Things Everybody Should Know” advice.

  8. Willis

    Trust me, he said. Sorry trust is earned, not given out randomly.

  9. angry

    Ditto have messed up two of my releases this year. Tickets go unanswered and when you get through you get excuses. Avoid if you spend money and time on promotion.


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