GWAR Releases a Line of E-Cig Flavors…

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Metal band GWAR’s frontman died in March, but it looks like the band is still going strong. GWAR and Mount Baker Vapor have now released GWAR Fluids, a line of e-cigarette flavors.

The line features gross flavors like “Spew” and “German Chocolate Beefcake”. The band says: “We only use freshly squeezed babies to give it that personal GWAR touch”.

In the past GWAR has also released their own BBQ sauce, which I would much rather have over these fluids.


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10 Responses

    • Nina Ulloa

      bands releasing a line of e-cig flavors is probably something music professionals should take note of…

      • Drew

        Strains of marijuana and related edibles may be next. Artists do this with alcohol, and wrapping papers, so why not actual weed products?

      • Willis

        Why? Should “music professionals” also be prepared for Courtney Love feminine products or One Direction hair care? This is lunacy at it’s finest.

        • Jaded IndustryDude

          You call it lunacy, I call it profiting off a trend in an industry that doesn’t allow for Gwar to make cash otherwise. All that flavored liquid in a tiny bottle for 10.99? The profit margin is probably better than the last two or three gwar releases.

          Time to write an album, record it, produce it, mix it, release it = 3500 first week (last album)
          a quick idea, logo, standard bottle, standard liquid flavors / 10.99 a unit = ?

          Seems like the profit is great, plus Gwar relies a lot on their obsessive fans – So they probably saw a trend of all their fans vaping, and thought “Cha-ching?”

          • Willis

            Profiting off a trend? It would be nice if they looked, not just at the potential revenue, but the ethical and potential health issues attached to this trend. I bet Gwar fans like heroine, also, and that is seeing a recent uptick in trend. Next industry?

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