Rdio Acquires Music Discovery Service TastemakerX…

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Rdio has acquired music discovery service and app TastemakerX.

TastemakerX allows users to track their favorite artists across a variety of platforms. TastemakerX’s small team and co-founders will join Rdio and co-founder Marc Ruxin will become Rdio’s COO.

Rdio has also hired Jim Rondinelli as SVP of Content Licensing and Catalog Acquisition and Mat Bates as Head of Radio and Programming.

As of now, no details regarding price or app integration have been released. More information as it becomes available. 


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      • wrong

        As someone who does business with Rdio and loves the product, you two in the peanut gallery can keep yapping. Cumulus CEO just said in an interview that there are lots of development plans for Cumulus programming on Rdio as well as rolling out ad sales and that the founder has backed it with $200M so far. Plus all the recent partnerships, hiring. Companies like Cumulus, Shazam, Facebook don’t continue to work with companies they think will go belly up.


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