Bandsintown Releases a Tour Management App for Artists…

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Bandsintown has launched a mobile app called Bandsintown Manager, an app with tools for touring artists.

Bandsintown Manager allows artists to add and edit their tour dates on the Bandsintown platform, which can then be pushed to Facebook.

The app also provides stats about artists’ fans and allows artists to send updates to fans who have RSVP’d to their concerts

The app is free and available on iOS and Android. Here’s a video overview from Bandsintown:

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  1. Ramin

    Awesome..!! It was designed with artists and fans in mind by gathering information from your music library to create a customized Concert Cloud that visually represents your music DNA. For fans, Bandsintown provides a personalized way to track your favorite artists and to discover new touring artists, based on your musical preferences and location, so you never miss another live show. Thanks for sharing this post! I am very fond of sharing my music collection with my friends. Download the new MappStream app for quick music audio podcasting or live band updates and take your music marketing to the next level!.


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