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Now You Can Sell Unwanted Concert Tickets on Resident Advisor…


Resident Advisor (an online electronic music magazine and community) has added ticket reselling to their existing online ticket store.

Resident Advisor has comprehensive event listings for concerts, club nights, and festivals. Tickets for a select number of these events can be purchased right from the RA listing. Here’s an example.

Now, if a show sells out, a user has the option to resell their ticket to other users directly on RA. Tickets will sell for the final listing price. So, if the user received an early bird discount, the ticket will sell for the more expensive price. Users will effectively get a refund for the exact amount they spent, so there’s no money to be made by scalping. Any additional money will go to the promoter.

Some Resident Advisor users have pointed out that promoters could buy up their own early bird tickets and then resell them for a higher price. But why would a greedy promoter sell discounted tickets, buy them, and resell them when they could just raise the original price? Then again, stranger things have happened.


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