Now You Can Use One URL to Send Fans in Different Countries to Different Websites…

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 6.47.45 PM is a link shortening and retargeting tool that I’ve covered pretty extensively. The teams behind artists like St. Vincent, Sublime With Rome, The Faint have used the service, resulting in successful marketing campaigns. has just improved their interface and added some new features  that should make the service even more useful.

Geo-tagging has been added to the link shortening feature. You can now generate one URL that sends users to different destinations based on their country. says this is helpful when creating shortlinks to the iTunes Store. They also say “you can send fans from the U.S. clicking on a link to Spotify, and fans from Canada to Rdio, if you find that valuable. Or you can send fans from the U.S. to your U.S. ecommerce system, and fans from the UK to your UK merch company.

They’ve also added the ability to edit a shortlink’s destination. If you’ve used a shortlink in a marketing campaign and need to change it you won’t have to send the link out a second time.


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  1. nothing worse

    for a writer than “enlightening” your audience to a new technology only to find out that it isn’t new at all. Nina’s probably blushing a bit here, but it can happen to anyone, so let’t not jump all over her, please.

    • Jaffe

      Been using all day, and happy to report the new interface is clean, and the new functionality is what I was looking for.

      The above was all clearly written by the same antagonist, attempting to shame someone for writing about the new functionality. Funny enough, Nina never claimed it was new technology, she mentioned it was new functionality for

      Fascinating you think that this idea of territory segmenting is somehow exclusive to SmartURL though. That’s made me laugh out loud.

      Other websites have been testing messaging, pricing, layouts, and a million other things through territory parsing for more than a decade that I know of. So to think it was “new technology” when SmartURL did it is ignorant.

  2. Jaffe

    Been using smarturl for a while, but they never enabled any remarketing capabilities.

    Started using earlier this year, because of those remarketing capabilities.

    Honestly, I was pointing my links into smarturl, so that I could get the functionality of both. Now these updates remove a step in the process, going to switch entirely to at this point.

  3. ha

    @nothing worse, @Monty Burns

    Try reading up a little bit before you comment next time. Unlike smarturl, creates retargeting pools for remarketing. It’s a platform FOR retargeting, that has developed new functionalities that smarturl also has.

    • But...

      …smartURL has, indeed, offered remarketing functionality from nearly the beginning of its existence. Nobody’s saying the technology is exclusive, but certainly there appears to be some level of ‘sponsorship’ of these news items when competing technology that does the same, similar (or perhaps better?) isn’t highlighted for comparison.


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