Somebody Please Shut Down… is hosted in Russia.  Last night, an artist emailed us after finding his Bandcamp albums being sold on the site without authorization (he discovered this through a Google Alert).  His distributor, AWAL, confirmed they hadn’t distributed anything to Music-Bazaar.

U2 and their label, Universal Music Group, might also have a problem with this:



Prince might find this problematic:



The Black Keys probably didn’t endorse these bargain basement deals…



Music-Bazaar has not responded to our inquiry (though they did request that I fill up my pre-paid account).

Written while listening to araabMUZIK on Beats. 


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      • Anonymous

        Not if everyone who pay promise to buy roughly 6x the amount of music they normally do.

        • Anonymous

          Buying music in bulk at a discount would be an interesting music sales model.

      • Willis

        This is not a true statement. People who want to make music will always be able to make music. While artists in the past have made millions, it is only necessary to make a sustainable living if current-day artists want to live their craft.

      • FarePlay

        Actually, the “for-profit” part of piracy is almost always conveniently left out of the pro-piracy propaganda.

  1. Anonymous

    i have zero sympathy and have lost all respect for the majors and their subsidiaries and all their employees…

    The only they will be able to save face and regain any respect and sympathy is if they provide me with a SETTLEMENT for all their illegal and unlawful actions, their extortion and their exploitation, their profit, humiliation, defamation of character etc. etc. etc.

    I am willing to expunge and sweep it all under the rug and remove myself from the continent if need be.

    My hands are about as clean as anyones hands can be. Run it up every ladder and chain and hole and pyramid and whatever needs to happen to initiate this settlement, and make it happen soon!

    This is the only option left…

    Thanks for your time,.

    Justin Mayer

    • DNog

      Are you the Justin Mayer with the iTunes album Dirty Pop?? If so, I can almost guarantee you no one owes you any money for anything.

  2. simple solution

    Well, since it is a .com domain, the US authorities can take it away from this mafia business in around a week or so.

    So, if you care about this, contact the FBI, make some noise, write some posts online. Don’t just wait for something to happen.

  3. found their details

    Hey Paul, have a look at this:

    IP address:
    Host name:

    DNS servers [] [] []

    How about you ask for a comment? They are a US company.

  4. follow the money

    This site exists thanks to and

    If noone dares to ask those two companies why they support piracy, then the discussion is pointless.

    Follow the money, as Scotland Yard loves to say.

  5. adolf

    Last night, an artist emailed us after finding his Bandcamp albums being sold on the site without authorization

    This “artist” sells nothing on Bandcamp and cries about a Russian site? 🙂

    Written while listening to araabMUZIK on Beats.

    Fvck Islam!

  6. Yella

    “Written while listening to araabMUZIK on Beats”

    You decimate Dre on this blog, yet you’re listening to Beats?

    • Paul Resnikoff
      Paul Resnikoff

      It’s a valid question. Deciding not to use a platform just because I have disagreements with the founders of that platform makes it difficult for me to truly understand the space. Yes, Dr. Dre has a history of extreme violence against women, and I believe those issues need to be addressed by Apple. But deciding to just skip using a platform he helped create (and is now owned by Apple) would just make me ill-informed.

      The same is true for Grooveshark. They aggressively litigated against Digital Music News; I have serious issues with their ethics. But I have a Grooveshark account.

  7. Anonymous

    …and the streisand effect just kicked in. I didn’t even know about them site.

  8. Anonymous

    This is actually legal or a legal gray area (but what isn’t) in Russia. The government-operated PRO over there will sell you a statutory license to sell all the world’s music. Presumably you can get money the PRO collects somehow (lol).

    • Amyt

      But PROs will collect only songwriting royalties – what about the recording/ phonographic rights? Surely owners of masters can stop anyone from selling their recordings?

  9. Wurd

    There was a law proposed that would have shut down sites like this and block them in the US called Stop Online Piracy Act but then google realized they might not be able to make as much revenue from placing ads on highly trafficked international piracy sites so they got everybody to agree to blackout the Internet for a day and say that the law would do things that it actually couldn’t. But how many people who were howling about sopa actually read the bill or just trusted google to be right?
    Distorting facts and using propaganda is still ok under the dont be evil credo apparently
    Meanwhile sites like this still flourish.

    • Amyt

      You’re so right. Google’s role in stopping SOPA/ PIPA must be well documented but can we really prove that Google turns a blind eye on piracy for its own profit? We all know it’s probably true, but can anyone really prove it?

  10. Paul Resnikoff
    Paul Resnikoff

    Here’s a notice from Jamendo from April of 2013. Music Bazaar is definitely not authorized.

    “Please be aware that there is no partnership between Jamendo PRO and that website. If you haven’t personally agreed to the distribution or sale of your works through that website, it is most likely an act of copyright infringement.”


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