How Many Female EDM Artists Do Agencies Sign?


In October, Thump (Vice’s electronic music news site) posted an infographic that shows how many female DJs and electronic artists are signed to 10 of the most important North American agencies. 

This infographic makes the imbalance between male and female visibility in electronic music even more apparent. What does this actually mean? In October we posted some quotes from female electronic musicians on the subject.



Top image: J.Phlip

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  1. jw

    Every time you post about this you use the word “imbalance,” suggesting that a balance would be a 50/50 split. The thing is, gender imbalance isn’t inherently bad. You couldn’t make that argument if you tried. The world wouldn’t be a better place if, for every male firefighter, there was a female firefighter. Or for every female hair stylist, there was a male hairstylist. Or for every male president, there were a female president. Or for every male dj with a record deal, a female dj. The gender split in each industry should reflect whom is interested & whom is qualified. And I don’t really listen to electronic music, but I’ve spent enough time in music shop to know who is buying dj equipment, & it seems to be disproportionately male. If I were one of these labels, I would be like “Look… obviously we aren’t averse to signing female acts, & if you show us a very talented unknown female dj, we’ll give her a record deal because at the end of the day we’re about great music & making money. But we aren’t going to sign a mediocre dj just because she’s female. That’s just kind of a stupid thing to suggest. The talent pool obviously isn’t split 50/50 gender-wise, & so consequently our roster will never be split 50/50.”

    Maybe there are some phenomenally talented female djs out there that aren’t getting record deals, but.. news flash, this is the music industry. There are phenomenally talented people all over the place without record deals, & pulling the gender card is kind of weak, imo.

    Sure, electronic music is a male dominated industry, & that makes some women uncomfortable. And undoubtedly some things need to change, but you need to address those things specifically. Because the problem is not “gender imbalance.”

    I actually listen to female artists much more than any of my friends do. And I’m all for ethics & equality & what not. But “equality” doesn’t mean “balance,” that’s actually inequality, just in the opposite direction.

  2. Anonymous

    what does this even say??? nothing…

    whats the root of the problem?? is it even a problem??

    why is this happening?

    where is the disconnect??

    are the numbers even disproportionate when looking at the overall landscape?

    its one thing when women are not allowed to vote, its another when a study says nothing at all…

    it simply lacks any information or disclosure to come to any conclusion…

    why not save time and money and just tell me its a sexist business and that there is imbalance and save all the board room big graphic propaganda and pointless articles to those that dont know what they are doing…

    its better when women are just confident and good at what they do and not using some stupid lame agenda driven garbage propaganda to go with it! this doesnt help this stuff, being awesome, that helps…

    when i took the time to look at the local landscape of dj’s, sans agency website or any filter or narrow band view, the numbers sided heavily with men, meaning that, wait for it, more men were doing it then women were…

    why?? probably because men are on the defensive when it comes to getting women whereas women and essentially walk into a room and say what they want and a pack of men will run to them competing to be the one that please them… a guy walks into a room, unless hes don juan love machine he needs a big wad of money and fancy things or massive fame in order to say what he wants to not have women do anything other then laugh at him…

    that would be my guess why more men are into it then women are, because we almost always need something to trick any woman into giving us a moment of her time…

    go talk to ever single dj, agency or not, and then round up the numbers and lets see if there truly is a discrepancy with signed to agencies or if its just nothing more then lame propaganda…

    thanks for the good work though!


  3. Dave

    This is sensationalism. Not digital news.

    The music industry is not an equal opportunity employer artist wise.

    If male DJ’s sell more tix… they sell more tix. Agents want a %.


  4. Versus

    This proves nothing. Maybe women are less likely to take an interest in circuit-bending production than men. If that sounds politically incorrect, survey any electronics/gear/technology forum for the gender ratio.

    The only issue is if there is actual unjustified discrimination against women. If this is self-selection, then what’s the concern?

    There certainly seem to be more female singers in dance music (and pop these days, which has basically morphed into dance music in many ways). Is that a “gender gap” also which we must condemn and cry over?


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