This Is Who Pandora Predicts Will Win the Grammys…


Pandora has released their Grammy winner predictions, basing their predictions on listener data. The music service claims that their listeners have historically been good at “predicting who will win”.

Pandora looked at how listeners have engaged with music from past Grammy winners, and looked for similar trends among this year’s nominees:


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  1. Remi Swierczek

    Pandora knows what is good! Let’s convert it to music store and tease everyone with the good staff!

    Just 39 cents for addition to your legal playlist will make Pandora the biggest music store ever with market cap above $10B.

  2. Reality

    Someone should probably let Pandora in on the joke. Grammy’s don’t consider listeners in any way, just what a few executives think.

    • Anonymous

      a few executives?

      do you even know the process and how it works?

      it may be more 3 card monte to get to that point, but the voting process isn’t just some executives…

      i’ve voted on the junos before and can do as such any time i want.

      record of the year should probably be Iggy or Taylor but otherwise reasonable assumptions.

  3. [email protected]

    In fact, NARAS members are eligible to vote for Grammy nonimees. The process is described at . While “listeners” who are not NARAS members in good standing are not considered, the process is more broadly based than “Reality” has implied.


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