Disclosure and Sam Smith Sued Over Song Lyrics


According to legal documents seen by The Daily Mail, Disclosure, Sam Smith, AlunaGeorge, and Eliza Doolittle are being sued over song lyrics.

The lawsuit was filed by a songwriter named Katie Farrah Sopher. She claims that her abusive ex-boyfriend, Sean Sawyers, stole her notebook of song lyrics. Sopher says that Sawyers sold her lyrics to contacts in the music industry. She also claims that the songs are about the abuse she endured during their relationship.

Sopher claims that she wrote Disclosure and Sam Smith’s “Latch”, Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle’s “You and Me”, Disclosure and AlunaGeorge’s “White Noise”, and “AlunaGeorge’s “Attracting Flies”. “White Noise” and “Latch” reached #2 and #11 on the U.K. charts.

Sopher is claiming £200,000 ($302,710) in damages.

Sean Sawyers denies the allegations, saying he never even saw her notebook with song lyrics.


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  1. Anonymous


    shame how these people can’t just use a source of inspiration, write it all from scratch themselves, which is not that hard, and instead always have to directly lift in full someone else’s work and then release it publicly without doing any investigating or due diligence into the validity of the property they buy or steal, and then lie lie deny any and all claims and then force someone to sue, in a difficult economy where lawyers make a gargantuan hourly rate, knowing that most people simply just cant even afford to…

    i for one am darn tired of these criminals being celebrated and rewarded and awarded for just being uncreative untalented criminals…

    i get the horses for courses and position playing, but trying to find a good engaging chiseled look ripped abs extroverted wanting to be famous loving attention front man has been impossible, yet they exist all over the place, and the a people’s couldn’t care less anyways, so that is a bit frustrating… there is no need for them to be acting as such, i and im sure many of these other people getting fleeced, would happily and silently work with many of these people…

    the suing ligating nature of society would be better left in the past…

    • For sale

      I have a bridge in NYC to sell you.

      Why can’t you say she is utterly delusional and off her medications? What’s wrong with you?

      • Anonymous

        I have a bridge in NYC to sell you.

        Why can’t you say she is utterly delusional and off her medications? What’s wrong with you?

        Cool, depending on what sort of bridge, it could be worth it… I do need to get my hardhat back on and construct a few relationship bridges and no more of those tacoma narrows type bridges, that is for sure… However If you mean the physical brooklyn bridge, well i think history has given us enough examples of real situations where people actually fell for that, but those scammers put on epic displays of grifting and long conning and not just a casual bantering comment or offer…

        I can’t say she is utterly delusional and off her medications because for one, im not paid to, and for two not only am i not there engaging in my own psychological investigating, i dont know who she is or what shes on, if anything. With my experience and the precedents set and the evidence that exists, its a reasonable claim that could be true, tough to say exactly, i just said it was believable… I am not profiting off the pilfering of others material like that, i play the game like most others, i just do it in a fair and ethical manner, waiting until someone releases and publishes their material before possibly using their work as motivation or inspiration, and only occasionally…

        As you can see below, theres only so many notes and chords and words that one can use, and i assure you from personal experience, sometimes it just happens where you honestly make something from scratch and it happens to sound like something someone else did, i have a song like that off my next record, where i made the thing as a spin off of a song off an earlier record of mine only to realize after it was written and recorded, that it actually had a phrase of a few words that sounded like someone elses song, which her song sounded like someone elses, one of whom weve had a lot of direct engagement and the other ive taken some pot shots at, and then who knows who hers sounds like, but total coincidence and one ive taken a bit of heat over, and i havent even released or published the thing yet, i havent even put it on the internet or anything, just plugged a usb stick into my computer, and i get threatened and hammered about it, its crazy… Pure random coincidence sometimes…

        That makes it hard, then add onto that all the crazy delusional fame whoring narcissistic wannabe artists and writers who think everything is about them, and it makes most initial response to anyones claim of such an act similar to yours… Which sucks for those of us that have actual legitimate claims, but it is what it is…

        Im kind of over it actually,mental and physical health is more important to me and staying debt free is also more important, besides life is pretty good at the moment, a bit more cash and a golf membership and ill be a happy happy man…

        I mean only a hundred ought years ago you had to dig a huge massive hole in the ground, way away from your house, construct a little lean to over the hole, and trudge outside no matter the weather, plunk your bare bum down on a rigid flat piece of wood with a hole cut in it, and do your business no matter the flies and skitters and diseases floating around, and if that wasnt bad enough, since paper was at such a premium, you had to wipe yourself with corn husk, corn silk or worst of all the corn cob… Having a convenient heated room mere feet from my bedroom with a contraption that is decently comfortable to sit on, with no bugs or disease, any form of scent killer i want, to easily flush away the nastiness, with soap and running water to wash myself, a nice comfy bed to lay in, heat at the touch of a dial, fresh food at multiple outlets close to me, and the list goes on and on and on, i mean, when put in perspective, life is pretty darn good… We could be living back in the industrial revolution working 10+ hard labor hours a day 6 days a week with a halfer on sunday, with zero comforts and no free time or life, so all in all, things are pretty darn good aint they???

        What’s wrong with me?? In regards to what exactly?? There is plenty wrong with me and plenty right with me, without further information or details into the specifics of what you are asking, its hard for me to deliver any succinct and definitive answer towards you… If you wish to extrapolate a little on what you mean and ask a couple more direct questions about what is wrong with me, i will do my best to satiate your curiosit as best i can…

    • GGG

      Carbon-copy for two pretty basic 3 note phrases. I’m sure we could find that pattern in hundreds of songs, especially heading into the 7th decade of 3-4 minute pop songs using the same western diatonic scales.


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