Iggy Azalea: “The Internet Is the Ugliest Reflection of Mankind There Is”

I for one will miss Iggy Azalea on social media. Those in the public eye, especially opinionated women, get a lot of shit online. Iggy has always called out publications, artists, and abusive internet users out on their sexism and double standards, and I found it to be very refreshing.


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    • Lord Of The Flies

      ..the internet is the death of reason and the end of humanity… it’s the worst of the hive mind …

  1. rationality

    dear iggy,
    go cry in your pile of undeserved cash.

    everyone with ears

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly the point. Mean nasty people. You’re the type this world can do better without.

  2. Anonymous

    its the main reason i wont pursue anything publicly, especially being an artist…

    what she and others deal with, whether politics or business or entrainment, from the media, the show, the enemies, the pazzi and the competitors trolls, is the main reason i dont bother doing shows or getting press, its really just not worth it, the bullying needs to stop…

    so anyone that is on my side or wanting to see me succeed, can know for certain that its those people making the comments above, the media, the show, the pazzi and all the trolls everywhere being what stops me from pursuing it, so take the fight to them please…

    i think its going to be a big reason going forward why a lot of top talent chooses to do other things with their life and overall it is slowly starting to over toxify societies…

  3. Anonymous

    word up…

    its awful, an awful awful place where bullying of all sorts has been taken to an extreme level, a problem level, where its costing people more then just their jobs, careers and innocence, its costing some people their lives, often times younger people in the form of suicide, all because others have to bully bully bully…

    i can fully relate to iggy and know exactly what shes going through, as evidenced even by this blog alone and the constant online hammering ive taken here…

    you do anything, especially music it seems, and you become rife for more then just random bullying, you get targeted bullying by professionals and competing interests else just jealous envious haters, its truly terrible and awful…

    the libelous and illegal and criminal activity being allowed to carry on online is getting way out of hand, sadly some terrorists are still jerking around and society is more important then the individuals who suffer, which threatens to rip fully through the fabric of society and possibly tear it right down…

    there are jobless people and waning industries, we could sure use an actually task force to put a dent in this cyber bullying, for personal or corporate reasons, instead of a bunch of cops sitting around dreaming up setups, they should proactively be out there stopping the attacks…

    no one understands most peoples struggles to get to certain points in life and careers, and the amount of crap you take to get to a place like she is is more then enough punishment to take, and i do apologize to all of them for having to deal with me, but at least we know its something different and nothing personal, difference is i dont have a team of trolls and fans out there doing faceless dirty work for me, but never the less…

    it is a serious serious problem that only further escalates what happens in the real world, and if we cant find a way to unplug and pull people out of being so addicted and controlled by media and their tech and devices and entertainer, its only going to get worse and worse and worse… as fashion and media and entertainment further demean people to buy products or services in an effort just to keep the wheel going and the doors open, and then offer no help to these now younger more susceptible people, while they then take beatings and teasings and punishment elsewhere, in school, in the playground, at work, at the mall, online, through texts or social media, then its only going to get worse and worse and more suicide will happen and more bullying will happen and the human race is then at serious peril of devolving…

    i wish cops would focus less on setting people up and more on proactive work to deescalate a lot of the constant online hammering and bullying, so perhaps maybe some billy player needing a write off can supply the revenue and income needed for cops in order for them to want to proactively do something…

  4. Name2

    Not defending the Internet or anything, but, the only celebulite I see is in the supermarket aisle walk of tabloids. That stuff can actually be AVOIDED on the ‘net. (Eating, not so much.)

    So I take it Iggy has everything brought in at this point? Save that cash, girl! It ain’t gonna last forever! Clip coupons! Ditch your data plan!

    • Anonymous

      Ditch your data plan!

      Wouldnt she have a voice and data plan?? How would you know exactly what plan she has??

      That is a bit frightening…

  5. Anonymous

    I think the internet is the ugliest reflection of modern journalism. I mean, LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE! Seriously, do you guys proof read anything?! It’s hard to make a statement when you make it so hard for your audience to read in the first place.

  6. Willis

    Just like anything, you take the good with the bad.

    Convenience and information vs validation for sickos and identity theft.

  7. Anonymous

    so true, let iggy know that removing myself from social media has been incredible and one of the smartest moves i ever made, other then not getting to tweet and flirt with the girls/women, but the trolling i take and took from it was way too much, and honestly, ill continue to remove myself from the internet altogether, as the more i do, the better my life gets, same as certain types of media and entertainment, at least for me anyways, it truly is liberating and makes the brain so much better, youll feel better, healthier, happier, and more positive…

  8. Anonymous

    “Iggy has always called out publications, artists, and abusive internet users

    Man, that’s rich coming from you…

  9. Tcooke

    Iv had my share plus more of bullying for being a good looking tall creative smart guy without a penchant for violence, but having survived to 39, im blessed to have some coping skills. A person with self respect is hard to learn for some, but worth it. She’s takn break, big deal, wish the best for her.


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