Suge Knight Collapses in Court; Taken to the Hospital for the Fourth Time in Two Months


Suge Knight had his bail set at $25 million today (March 20th). Knight would also have to prove that bail money was not illegally obtained.

He is being charged with murder for running over Terry Carter with his truck in February.

After the hearing, Knight collapsed in court and was taken to the hospital for the fourth time.

According to the AP, defense attorney Matthew Fletcher said Knight is diabetic and has a blood clot. He also said that Knight hadn’t received his medication since Thursday.


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Photo by The.Comedian on Flickr used with the Creative Commons License

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  1. Musicservices4less

    I am certainly not a fan of Knight and if he is proven guilty, he should get whatever the law and jury decide; however, the prison system, especially at the state level, very rarely provides inmates with their necessary and constitutionally required health maintenance. Hopefully we are all aware of the intolerable overcrowding in all prisons due mainly to the ridiculously failed war on drug policies and convictions, plea deals, etc. for non-violent offenses. At least the federal system has a number of Federal Medical Centers around the country which are very much like hospitals and out patient clinics for those inmates who consistently need medical attention or medication. I am unaware of any state level equivalent.
    Please vote for candidates that take an active position regarding prison reform and sentencing reform at both the state and federal levels.

  2. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    Diabetes and high blood pressure remains some of the top number killers for the black community. It’s any mans right to adequate health care inside the American level one cages throughout the country. . . Punish a person for his crime and not because of the music his label recorded. . .


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