We’re Spotify. And We’d Like to Thank the Industry for Our Smashing Success…

The following advertisement was featured in the just-released annual report of the IFPI, the global major label music trade organization.


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  1. XT Dream

    “Only fifteen million paid subscribers out of 60 million… whats to be proud of here?”

  2. FarePlay

    What else are they going to say? Sorry we’ve disappointed so many people, we’ll really try to do better. We understand that artists really need to get more money for airplay? We’re working with Amazon to offer our listeners a seamless way to buy music? We’re buying Michael Jackson’s ranch and turning it into a training center for musicians and songwriters so they can learn skills to help them succeed in the new economy.

  3. Musicservices4less

    Thank god for USA’s version of capitalism. I am confident that the word is now out about the ridiculous business model Spotify uses and its devastating effects it has and continues to have on the music industry. While we may not be happy with Tidal, the good thing about Tidal is everybody is talking about it, including Wall Street and that means big money is still looking for the answer.

    It is the beginning of the end of Spotify and the concept of in perpetuity free at any quality level. The next thing to watch for is the buyout of Spotify and at what valuation it gets for that. The pressure is on Mr. Ek. BTW, I think his name says it all . . . Spotify is just ekie. That’s a joke in case you want to hate me, go ahead if you do.

  4. Musicservices4less

    One more thing. If you think the major’s ownership interests are going to prevent the downward spiral of Spotify because they need to protect that “asset,” guess again. If you review the annual financial statements (I know, pretty boring) of each of them, you will notice a historical pattern of tax advantaged write downs of all the investments over the years that go sour that they have make. Just like other major corporations do in the US and else where around the world. Isn’t our tax code lovely! Don’t you wish you could do that? Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

  5. Edward Jennings

    I think Spotify has more wiggle room than everyone understands about them. Yes 2015 is the most challenging year yet for Spotify.Thats why you are seeing Spotify posturing ike this.

    The Freemium model is changing. But it hasn’t gone away. With TIDAL and Apple Music as Premium models, Spotify has to respond. I expect them to respond after Apple’s WWDC.

  6. Londonmusicmapp

    “Thanks for a great year” but all the figures are cumulative since launch…. dodgy statistics.

    • Edward Jennings

      Actually the number is closer to 20 million paying subscribers. They picked up 1.2 paid subscribers in one day from the SONY Playstation deal.

      • Edward Jennings

        1.2 million Playstation subscribers in one day that should read…

      • Nick

        1.2 million people downloaded the app on playstation. That doesn’t mean they were new subscribers.

        It’s free on playstation anyway.


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