Here Are Some More #TidalFacts…

This twitter account originally had the handle @TIDALFacts, something Jay-Z didn’t think to grab BEFORE he made it a hashtag.




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  1. what?

    You know this is from a satirical twitter account right? May want to inform your readers of that first…

  2. Anonymous

    Love that the Tidal crew are too shortsighted to even check on whether or not @tidalfacts was available before blasting the hashtag out there

  3. R.P.

    from an insider: Tidal only has 77k subscribers. The media mistakenly added the extra 0 and Jay Z told everyone to let the public believe that because it would look good for them and might get more ppl interested.

  4. anonymous

    Tidalfact= Tidal is not keeping redundant positions around. The rhapsody merger is good for the starf*cker board of directors only. So boring people. So so boring.


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