‘Straight Outta Compton’ Almost Beats ‘Ant-Man’, $56 Million Opening Weekend


And the opening weekend tally is in!

In a surprise showing, the mysogynist rapping villain superheroes of N.W.A pulled an impressive $56 million opening weekend, with Straight Outta Compton almost grandstanding the bigger budget, tent-poling Ant-Man.  That puts Straight Outta Compton into the record books, with an all-time opening weekend ranking of #100.

Ant-Man seriously underachieved in its opening weekend in July with $57.2 million, though international receipts almost equalled that figure at $55.4 million.

Unsurprisingly, Straight Outta Compton over-performed in Los Angeles, though heavy receipts also poured in from mega-cities like Atlanta.  According to Universal Pictures, the top-grossing theater was actually Regal Atlantic Station in Atlanta, though the remaining top 10 was all LA.



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  1. Spoken Word Poetry Mall

    ‘ Straight Outta Cf Compton ‘ has always been ahead of it’s time in terms of a raw underworld anthem that every white and black ‘ Nigger With Attitudes ‘ could embrace with accessibility and socially partner up with true to life socially unacceptable cop killing super heroes unlocking universal cages of the psychological-physical oppressed by a governmental institution of tyranny. :: An immortal culture of the microcosm of , Easy E , the poet lives on. . .:: Literati X


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