The 12 Most Expensive Musical Instruments on eBay


Rare Italian violin, constructed in 1745 by Dom Nicolo Amati. 

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $195,000



1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard. 

Location: Loveland, Ohio.

Asking: $199,000.



1912 certified Italian violin by Enrico Rocca, constructed in Genova.

Location: Virginia.

Asking: $245,000



1884 Antique Steinway Grand Piano Victorian Art Case, Model C.

Location: Westminster, Pennsylvania.

Asking: $250,000




Rare Bartolomeo Bimbi viola, circa 1793.

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $250,000



Vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst One, excellent condition.

Location: Seattle, Washington.

Asking: $250,999.



A “superb old French certified violin” from 1830, designed by J.B. Vuillaume.

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $275,000



Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, previously owned by Gary Moore.

Location: Flushing, New York.

Asking: $275,000



“A very fine old Italian cello” from 1770, originally constructed by Lorenzo & Tomaso Carcassi in Florence.

Location: Virginia

Asking: $295,000



1927 Queen Anne Art Case model L Steinway Grand Piano, restored.

Location: Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Asking: $300,000.



1938 Levin De Luxe guitar previously owned by Fred Guy of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  

This was also held by Django Reinhardt in a very famous picture of the guitarist.

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia.

Asking: $405,000



“Old Italian violin” from 1695, designed by Giuseppe Guarneri. 

Location: Virginia, US


Asking: $650,000


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5 Responses

  1. blahblahblah

    Over a quarter of a million for a Les Paul. I’m sure a new one for a hundredth of the price would play and sound about the same. Maybe better,

    • Anonymous

      “Over a quarter of a million for a Les Paul”
      That’s what you have to pay for a Fazioli or Bösendorfer. And wait till you see the really expensive stuff, costs a hundred times more…

  2. Farley Grainger

    C’mon, Paul. This is just another example of unfair and biased reporting by DMN. Sensationalist click-bait, a transparent effort to attract ad revenue. Old violins, guitars, and pianos, and that’s it? Every one a stringed instrument. Are you some kind of stringest? You couldn’t find examples of overpriced instruments from any other instrument groups? How about this contrabass saxophone, easily worth $300 thousand? (Although, the Jinbao copy from China is almost as good, and only costs $150.)



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