JoeyJet Is Here, And He Came Prepared: Introducing “Jet Model Club” (Sponsored)


Welcome aboard.

JoeyJet is on a mission to captivate music listeners across the world and he is not afraid to admit it. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, the man behind, “JoeyJet” has been creating music oriented internet projects for over a decade.

Finally, after all of his hard work, JoeyJet has hit on something and he has hit on something big. is not your average website.  It’s a ready-to-go tool that will be used to grab and keep the attention of music listeners across the world.  An original design by JoeyJet, this is the hub for highly interested JoeyJet fans that can easily access the interactive content of and related social media sites via desktop or mobile phone.


Running a campaign that has a sole focus on Selfies, JoeyJet created the hashtag #JetModelClubSelfie.  This hash allows new fans and existing fans to easily associate themselves with the fast-growing brand, and also enter to be scouted by Jet Model Club in order to have their Selfie posted on the Jet Model Club Instagram along with their Instagram name.  The Selfie campaign is just one of many tools that JoeyJet has in his arsenal of great ideas that will have fans across the world screaming for more.

Everything is in place, and it is now time for Jet Model Club to work with many different professionals in order to mutually strengthen both Jet Model Club and the brands or companies that he will work with.  If you are a Music Industry Executive, it is highly advised to reach out and contact Jet Model Club as soon as you can.  JoeyJet is a hidden Music Industry gem who has the power and capability to be the next one ranking in the top 100 of the charts if not topping the charts as a Solo Artist.


With his debut single “The Money Bag,” JoeyJet feels this high quality track alone has enough fuel to power him into a position that he wants to be in, especially in this day and age.  JoeyJet is studio ready all the time and can make a new track at any given moment especially given that fact that he is looking to partner with a Record Label as soon as he possibly can.

Promoting positive thinking, we all could use a little more JoeyJet in our life.  As his future music is said to be described as “A Party On The Moon,” it’s going to be exciting to see what connections JoeyJet makes and who he partners with.  Be sure to follow Jet Model Club on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay posted on his latest updates.  It seems just a matter of time until Jet Model Club is known across the Nation and World.

JoeyJet is an artist that won’t let you down.


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