Adele’s One-Week Album Sales Now Projected to Hit 3 Million


Adele’s 25 is now on track to sell 3 million albums in one week, based on recently-updated figures this morning from Nielsen Soundscan.  After just three days, Nielsen is now counting 2.45 million units, a figure that has likely pushed past 2.5 million by midday.


Looking ahead, projections are already moving towards the 2.9-3 million range, with Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in the US) offering a potential bum-rush of both physical and digital sales.  “3 million?  Maybe, that’s possible,” one industry source within Target told DMN (Target is currently carrying an exclusive version of the album, which contains 3 bonus tracks).



Whatever the final result, Adele has already set the all-time world record for most albums sold in a week.  The previous record-holder, *NSync, shifted 2.42 million units back in 2000, a period when CDs were enjoying peak success.

More details as they become available! 

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    • Anonymous

      Let’s see — this is better than the previous record from 1991; it proves that Spotify, the Pirate Bay, Google and all the pro-streamers were dead wrong, and you just think it’s… nice? 🙂

      • Rick Shaw

        Am I not entitled to the words I choose? Jeez, you are a picky little snot. Why don’t you just speak for everyone so you read what you want?

  1. Anonymous

    “Adele has already set the all-time world record for most albums sold in a week”

    This is incredible! 🙂

    I think TedBalk’s comment from another Adele-thread is worth repeating:

    “There are so, so, so many things the music biz can learn from the lesson given by music consumers this week.


    1. Stop trying to sell us crap music. We won’t buy it.

    2. Sell something that exemplifies talent, integrity and creativity.

    3. Window every single one of your new releases.

    Now file your lawsuits against the ISPs and Google and bring the money back to the industry that provides the music- where it belongs.”

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  4. Anonymous

    Considering every media outlet has at least one article about her — usually multiple *cough*, massive marketing campaign, actual talent, and her wide demographic, it’s not unbelievable.


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