‘Bubbles’ Is a Hollywood Script About Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp


It isn’t being produced — for now — but it is getting a ton of attention.  Just today, the script for ‘Bubbles,’ a documentary seen through the eyes of Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, has topped the 2015 ‘Black List’ of favorite scripts.  The script, penned by Isaac Adamson, received a chart-topping 44 votes, a development that could lead to critical financing from studio, or crowdfunding from interested fans.

The screenplay finds Bubbles narrating through the wild ups-and-downs of Jackson’s tumultuous life, with an insider’s perspective that only a pet chimp could bring.

Bubbles was a laboratory chimp adopted by Michael Jackson in 1983, and subsequently lavished with royal treatment rarely enjoyed by humans.  The fabulous chimp was frequently by Jackson’s side, and famously toured with Jackson while sharing first-class accommodations, fine dining, and expensive clothing throughout.



That was just the beginning, and the start of the ‘Wacko Jacko’ nickname that stuck.  Indeed, Bubbles was rumored to sleep in a crib alongside Jackson at Neverland Ranch, not to mention companion suites during tours.  The royal chimpanzee even sipped tea with the mayor of Osaka during Jackson’s Bad World Tour, and traveled with personal animal trainer, Bob Dunn.

Sir chimp was also found socializing with other world leaders and celebrities, often with strange human-like demeanor.  But that luxury lifestyle would soon come crashing down, with Bubbles reaching puberty and the strong, violent tendencies that come with it.  Ultimately, it became obvious that an adult chimpanzee was unfit for domestic life, a determination that becomes inevitable in almost every scenario involving captive monkeys and primates.


Jackson apparently wanted to keep Bubbles as a long-term family member, but nature made that impossible.  In ‘Michael Jackson & Bubbles: The Untold Story,’ produced by Animal Planet in 2010, animal experts noted that adult chimps can be wildly dangerous and unfit for human companionship.  The chance of an attack involving Jackson, or any staff or family member, became real, forcing a relocation and a serious downgrade in lifestyle.

Bubbles, who is still alive and in captivity, didn’t attend Michael Jackson’s funeral, and it’s unclear if Jackson left any money for his care.  After long years of separation, LaToya visited Bubbles in 2010 in a tearful, soul-crushing reunion.


Bubbles statue image by ‘Joel‘ in Paris, 2008, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

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    Animal cruelty. That chimp is still alive, cold in some cage after living in luxury.


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