(SPONSORED) ‘Til It Happens to You: Lady Gaga’s Emotional Performance Turns Heads at the Academy Awards


Lady Gaga is one of those rare artists that transcends here musical genre and industry, as she continues to use her fame as a way of both creating a legacy and helping those less fortunate than herself. In terms of the former, Gaga made her New York Fashion Week runway debut at Marc Jacobs’ highly anticipated Fall 2016 show, sporting a hilariously oversized coat adorned with fur sleeves and a stunning timepiece.


This not only highlights the growing Marc Jacobs watch market influence in 2o16, but it also showcases the growing legacy of a unique and special artist.

‘Til it happens to you: Admiring Gaga’s performance at the Oscars

When it comes to helping others, Gaga has made an even greater impact over the course of the last few days. Anyone who saw here emotional appearance at the Academy Awards will testify to this, as Gaga once again lent her influence to a cause that was much greater than herself. Once she had taken to the stage to perform, Gaga sung her heart out on the stage as she delivered a rousing rendition of her new song ‘Til it happens to you.

For those who are unfamiliar with the song, it was co-written by Gaga with Diane Warren for the emotive 2015 documentary film The Hunting Ground. This raw and ground-breaking film deals with the emotional topic of campus rape in the United States, while the song itself was leaked onto the Internet through an unofficial recording that was made at the film’s premiere during the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Having subsequently been produced and released officially in September 2015, it has won global acclaim and added yet another string to Lady Gaga’s unique bow.

The last word: Why Gaga was the perfect choice to perform this song

When the film was in development music supervisor Bonnie Greenberg decided that she needed an emotional theme song that could be written and performed by someone with influence. With Warren on-board, Gaga was enlisted to help co-write the music and record it prior to the films’ release. This was certainly an inspired choice, with Gaga’s unique identity and huge following making her ideally placed to reach a huge audience.

This was underlined during the wonderful performance at the Academy Awards, after which she received a standing ovation from the wealth of stars inside the Kodak Theatre. Many were moved to tears by Gaga’s performance, and the star has already produced sterling work in a bid to create awareness about the issue of rape and sexual assault on college campuses throughout the U.S.




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