Radiohead Says ‘F*(k the Internet’

What Radiohead’s web and social media ‘presence’ looks like today…

I. Site.

Radiohead Site


II. Facebook.

Radiohead Facebook


III. Instagram.

Radiohead Instagram


IV. Twitter.

Radiohead Twitter


V. Google +

Radiohead Google+


VI. …MySpace?

Radiohead MySpace


That last night could be next for deletion, with the band ‘fading out’ or wiping out pages in a staggered fashion.  All of which might be a great publicity stunt ahead of an upcoming release (hey, we wrote about it).  Whether this indicates some deeper message remains to be seen: earlier, frontman Thom Yorke spoke out sharply against Spotify and free streaming, with Atoms for Peace content unavailable (Yorke and bandmates don’t have control over their earlier classics).

Then, there’s this: die-hard fans have been receiving leaflets in the mail (from the actual postal service) with the cryptic message, ‘Burn the Witch’.

6 Responses

  1. Rick Shaw

    That must have been in response to the Internet saying “fuck Radiohead”.

  2. Anonymous

    That is some damn good marketing. I hope their new album does well.

  3. Me2

    Good for them. I guess their attitudes have evolved from that whole “name your price” thing. They join the great halls with the Purple One who said the internet is “completely over”.


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