Kanye West’s Surprise NY Show Ends Up In Complete Chaos…

Kanye West's Surprise Show Ended Up In Complete Chaos...This is what happens when you’re Kanye West, and you cancel a gig…

To make up for the cancellation of Governor’s Ball, Kanye West planned to save the day with a surprise gig, but that failed miserably, and nearly ended up causing a mass riot. Crowds of people were chanting ‘Pablo’ and ‘Kanye’ and screaming ‘F*** Governors Ball’.

The crowds swarmed 11th street in East Village in New York hoping to catch a glimpse of West, after news circulated of his surprise show. Though, all hopes of a Kanye show were gone when Webster Hall reps announced the cancellation around 1:45 a.m.

The reps pleaded with the crowds to leave the streets and go home by form of a tweet, which read, “There is no late show at Webster Hall tonight. Please get home safely.” Regardless, the crowds still persisted and the streets were not cleared for a long while.

According to a report by The Guardian it was a snapchat post by 2Chainz that made the news of a surprise show go viral, and shortly after there were thousands of people outside the venue, and the entrance of third street had already been cornered off by police.

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