Top 10 Music Industry News Stories This Week

Music Industry News: Top 10 Music Industry Stories This Week

DMN brings you the biggest music industry news stories this week.

Last Week: January 7 to January 13

1. Why Spotify and Apple Music are Losing Traffic to YouTube and SoundCloud

Spotify and Apple are at a crippling disadvantage to YouTube to SoundCloud. Why is that? The closed nature of both sites could potentially result in a loss of traffic to more open platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Read More…

2. FM Radio Is Officially Getting Shut Down In Norway

Norway is about to become the first country in the world to shut down FM radio. Are other countries next? The move now paves the way for Digital Audio Broadcasting, or DAB. However, not all Norwegians are happy with this news. Read More…

3. Will 2017 See The End of Sonos?

The company lays off an ‘unspecified’ number of employees. Then, they make deals with their rivals. Now, the CEO steps down. After taking a look at several other reported factors, we ask: will 2017 be the end of Sonos? Read More…

4. Amidst Success As a DJ, Depression Crippled Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson opened up on Twitter about his battle with depression and his collaboration with Madeon. EDM fans received both good and bad news. American DJ and musician Porter Robinson admitted that in 2015, depression crippled his work. Read More…

5. Google and YouTube Accused of Stealing Content ID…

Image by Esther Vargas (CC by 2.0) So, who exactly owns the rights to Content ID? Google and YouTube, or Audible Magic?  That’s now the focus of a serious lawsuit. YouTube’s Content ID is unpopular. But did you know the name wasn’t theirs? Read More…

6. Breaking: Pandora Announces Layoffs; 7% Getting Axed

Add more bad news to Pandora. Sirius XM backed out of a possible acquisition deal. Pandora Offices, New York Pandora is now shedding its workforce by 7 percent. How will the company now fare? Read More…

7. In Just 7 Years, Vinyl Records Have Gone from ‘Fad’ to ‘Billion Dollar Industry’

That’s right: vinyl records are about to become a billion dollar industry.  That’s the latest prediction from Deloitte, who exclusively shared their data with Digital Music News. Looks like those beard-growing, wine-sipping hipsters were on to something. Read More…

8. Ed Sheeran Tops Spotify Charts With 2 Singles In a Single Day

Despite lawsuit troubles, Ed Sheeran tops Spotify worldwide charts twice in just one day. This past Friday, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released two comeback singles, and both did exceptionally well around the world. Read More…

9. Tidal and Roc Nation to Prince Estate: “Don’t Make Other Music Deals”

Tidal and Roc Nation first sued the estate of late singer Prince as a warning shot. Then, the late singer’s estate, alongside NPG Records, fired back with a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Now, Tidal and Roc Nation filed paperwork to avoid the late singer’s estate from making more exclusive deals. Read More…

10. Breaking: Katy Perry, Cher Officially Join the ‘Women’s March on Washington’

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry isn’t happy with Donald Trump. Now, superstar singers Katy Perry and Cher have officially joined the Women’s March on Washington. They join Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya, Amy Schumer, and more. All of them are protesting the presidency of Donald Trump, a person they view as a misogynistic monster.  Read More…


The Previous Week: December 31st, 2016 to January 6th, 2017

1. Chris Brown Faces $1.5 Million Lawsuit After ‘Going Rihanna’ on Manager

Chris Brown likes to beat the crap out of people when he’s mad.  Now, someone’s fighting back with a $1.5 million lawsuit. According to court paperwork, Chris Brown’s latest anger management mishap could cost $1.5 million. Read More…

2. Mariah Carey’s Career On Life-Support After Lip-Synching Disaster

Blame CBS. Blame the weather, too. Or maybe blame the fact that she didn’t show up to dress rehearsal. Whatever the case, Mariah Carey suffered a lip-synching disaster at the New Year’s Eve show. Read More…

3. Will SoundCloud Go Bankrupt This Year?

More bad news for the company. Spotify walked away from advanced talks to acquire the company. Now, Google’s interested. However, the company keeps posting net losses, promoting a co-founder to admit that the company may go bankrupt this year. Read More…

Meek Mill Not Linked to Shooting Deaths In Connecticut, Cops Say

Last Friday night, rapper Meek Mill performed at a concert venue in Wallingford, Connecticut. He headlined at The Oakdale Theater. However, a shootout broke out. Two victims passed away at the scene. Connecticut police said the rapper isn’t linked to the deaths. Read More…

How Many More Executives Will Leave Twitter? China MD Karen Chen Jumps Ship

Another month, another executive gone. Twitter currently suffers from a top-level executive exodus. This time, China MD Karen Chen left to take some time off. Why are so many executives leaving the company? Read More…

[UPDATE] In Soulja Boy Feud, Chris Brown (Proudly) Abuses Karrueche Tran

First Soulja Boy cursed out Chris Brown. Then, Chris Brown responsed. The person caught in the middle? Former Chris Brown flame Karrueche Tran. Things soon became ugly. … Read More…

Still a Fad? Vinyl Records Return to 1991 Sales Levels

Sales of vinyl records refuse to stop exploding!  In 2016, LPs, EPs, and 45s returned to sales volumes not seen since 1991.  But does this party end? With physical albums and digital downloads sales spiraling year-after-year, vinyl is enjoying a strong resurgence. Read More…

Napster and Tidal Make Strong Push For Higher Fidelity Music

Napster and Tidal are going big in higher fidelity music. At CES 2017, Napster CEO Mike Davis introduced the company’s vision for high-definition audio. Likewise, Tidal pushed “Tidal Masters,” boasting over 30,000 albums. Read More…

King No More: Apple Music and Spotify Overtake YouTube In Music Streaming

Has Google grown overconfident on YouTube? Have Apple Music and Spotify finally dethroned the controversial king of music streaming? Trusted market monitor BuzzAngle released a new report, and it’s not pretty. For the second time in less than a year, YouTube streams fall, while subscriptions play rise. Read More…

There’s Big Money In Music Publishing, and SESAC Proves It…

A private equity firm just sold SESAC to another private equity firm.  Guess that means there’s money in music publishing, after all. Blackstone Group LP placed a long bet in digital music publishing. Read More…


The Week Prior: December 24 to December 30, 2016

1. George Michael Discovered Dead on Christmas; Cause of Death ‘Unexplained’

George Michael is dead at 53.  The pop icon passed on Christmas Day; official cause of death remains unknown.  So far, police have only issued a vague statement. Now, fans ask what caused the singer’s sudden death. Autopsy reports have proven inconclusive. Police question his ex-boyfriend. So, what really happened? Read More…

2. [UPDATE] Fake News Alert: Was Rapper Kodak Black Really Shot?

An unclear posting on a viral news site shook up social media. Unknown gunmen shot and nearly killed Kodak Black. However, the real news proved underwhelming. Read More…

3. Rapper Troy Ave in Stable Condition After Christmas Shooting

An unknown gunman shot and nearly killed rapper Troy Ave Sunday night. Roland Collins, the rapper’s real name, and his wife were on their way to a Christmas dinner when a gunman walked up to the car and shot the rapper. Read More…

4. Rapper Yung Mazi Shot While Ordering Food At Local Waffle House

The 2016 holiday season proved dangerous for hip-hop artists. A person robbed Queen Latifah’s car. Then, while Yung Mazi ordered food at a local waffle house, he was shot and nearly killed as well. Read More…

5. Suicide ‘Not Being Ruled Out’ In George Michael Sudden Death

What really happened with George Michael? Authorites have yet to determine the actual cause of death. However, they haven’t ruled out the possibility that George Michael may have killed himself. Read More…

6. Massive Anti-Inauguration ‘Freedom Concert’ Taking Shape…

Call it the anti-inauguration.  But a number of superstar musicians don’t agree with future-President Donald Trump. So, a concert may take place in Florida at the same exact time as the inauguration. Read More…

7. Trey Songz Arrested After Destroying Detroit Stage

Don’t say NO to Trey Songz. He nearly destroyed a stage in Detroit after organizers told him to stop performing. Police soon arrested the popular R&B singer-songwriter. Read More…

8. Ice Cube and Former NBA Star Roger Mason Form New Summer League

Do you have a New Year’s resolution yet? Form your own basketball league, and call it BIG3. The Vertical reports that popular hip-hop star and actor Ice Cube will form his own summer basketball league. The league will launch Summer 2017. Read More…

9. 2016 Deaths: The Long List of Famous Musicians and Entertainers

Another year, another list of celebrities who passed away. 2016 lost Debbie Reynolds, George Michael, Prince, and David Bowie, among others. Read More…

10. Run-DMC Sue Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Jet for $50 Million

Amazon has a pirating problem, so Run DMC is taking them to court. DMN obtained court documents detailing a $50 million lawsuit. The suit alleges that Amazon, Wal-Mart, Jet, and others willfully engage in courtfeit sales, causing the RUN-DMC Brand millions. Read More…


The Week Prior: December 17 to December 23, 2016

1. Beyonce Sued for Millions Just for Flashing the Roc-a-Fella Logo

Designer Dwayne Walker isn’t used to losing. After his first lawsuit against Jay Z was thrown out in September, he’s now targeting the hip-hop star’s wife, Beyonce. Read More.

2. Plans for a Large-Scale Counter Donald Trump Inauguration Concert Underway

Not many people are happy with our next President, Donald Trump. A concert promoter is organizing a large-scale concert against the next POTUS. Read More.

3. 35+ DJs, Rappers, and Promoters Band Together to Battle Homelessness In LA

Dozens of rappers, DJs, and promoters are banding together to raise some cash for people on the streets. This is an all-out effort involving multiple artists. Take a look. Read More.

4. “Don’t Steal Our Money and Content” – ExtraTorrent

“Do as I say, not as I do.” One of the world’s top copyright-infringers, ExtraTorrent, is now setting-up shop to stop unofficial proxies that are stealing their traffic, and thus, revenue. Ironic, isn’t it? Read More.

5. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne Implicated In Massive ‘Sizzurp’ Drug Operation

Superstars Chris Brown and Lil Wayne may be tied into a massive pharmaceutical drug operation.  A full-blown investigation is now underway in Miami. Read More.

6. Anthrax Says NO to 10,000 Radio Lawsuit

Fearing losing radio play, the iconic rock group Anthrax is pulling out of a mega-lawsuit aimed at helping artists earn more from radio. Read More.

7. Bye-Bye, Vine App. Say Hello To Vine Camera

Back in October, Twitter announced that they were going to shutter the Vine app. Now, the social media giant shared their new plans: to transform the Vine app into just a standalone video recorder. Read More.

8. Andrea Bocelli Just Made a Brand New Enemy: Donald J. Trump…

After confirming his appearance at the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, blind tenor Andrea Bocelli has just backed out. Under pressure from pro-Bocelli and anti-Trump fans, the tenor said he would no longer sing. Andrea Bocelli just wants to sing! Read More.

9. David Foster Refusing to Coordinate Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Acclaimed songwriter and producer David Foster was asked to participate in Donald Trump’s upcoming Presidential Inauguration. He flat-out refused. Read More.

10. Is Amazon Listening to Your Conversations Through the Echo?

Amazon scored a huge hit with Alexa-powered devices, including the Echo and the Dot.  Now, a new study shows Amazon is tracking what users are indexing and reading what users say into Alexa. Read More.


The Previous Week: December 10 to December 16, 2016

1. Donald Trump Nominates Kanye West to Attend His Daily Intelligence Briefings

Supporting Donald Trump paid off for Kanye West. He and Trump talked about life, and everything more. But will the surprise nomination boost Kanye’s chances for president in 2020? Read More…

2. Madonna and Lady Gaga Accused of Lying About Their Violent Rapes

Would either of these singers fabricate something so serious?  Now, Piers Morgan has launched an all-out Twitter offensive against Lady Gaga and Madonna, accusing both of them of inventing their stories for publicity. Read More…

3. Sorry: Apple’s AirPods Won’t be Arriving by Christmas…

Apple AirPods finally went on sale. But, when exactly will they ship? Apple’s website across the country suddenly pushed back the release date from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Read More…

4. I’m Madonna. And This Is the Blatant Sexism, Misogyny, and Constant Bullying That I’ve Faced…

Madonna, an ardent Hillary Clinton backer, has been increasingly vocal on women’s issues since the election.  While accepting Billboard’s Woman of the Year award this weekend, she offered her sharpest criticisms yet against sexism and female self-hatred. Read More…

5. Hamilton Soundtrack Explodes After Mike Pence Showdown…

The cast of the Hamilton musical had less than kind words after discovering the future VP was in attendance. Now, Trump fans are furious, and album sales are skyrocketing. Read More…

6. Washington DC Marching Bands Boycotting Donald Trump Inaugural Parade

Image by Kevin Dooley (CC by 2.0) Will any Washington DC marching band play at the Jan. 20 Donald Trump inaugural parade? Donald Trump may have a quieter Inauguration than expected.  Notable musicians, start… Read More…

7. Breaking: Andrea Bocelli Confirmed to Play Donald Trump’s Inauguration…

Andrea Bocelli, considered one of the greatest living tenors, will play Donald Trump’s Inauguration in January. Responses were mixed. America’s Got Talent Jackie Evancho will join. Responses, however, have been mixed. Read More…

8. ‘Boycott Bocelli’ Backlash Follows Trump Inauguration Announcement

Was this a smart move for Andrea Bocelli?  Less than 24 hours after agreeing to play Trump’s Inauguration, the tenor is facing ‘Boycott Bocelli’ backlash, from fans, oddly enough. Read More…

9. Kpop News: BTS Beats Out EXO, Seventeen in Brand Rankings

In Kpop News, BTS beats out EXO and Seventeen in November, proving Kpop and hallyu are growing around the world. The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputations released its December brand value index. BTS continues their strong march with over 3 million data points. You can check out the list here.

10. Blind Filipina Singer Learns French, Makes History at ‘France Got Talent’

Will Alienette Coldfire make history? In a historic bid, blind Pinay singer Katchry Jewel Golbin will enter the La France a un Incroyable Talent, or ‘France Got Talent’ finals. How will she fare? Read More…


The Week Prior: December 3 to December 10, 2016

1. YouTube Tells the Music Industry to Stop Complaining, Start Innovating.

Is the music industry becoming a group of professional complainers.  YouTube exec Robert Kyncl now says that the video giant paid the music industry $1 billion in the last year alone.  So what’s the issue?  Read more

2. But Wait: Where’s Our $1 Billion?  Music Industry Says Those Numbers Aren’t Accurate.

And so the war of words continues.  Is the $1 billion figure entirely accurate?  Well, not exactly, according to music industry trade group IFPI.  We take you to round two.  Read more

3. Why Blockchain Won’t Save the Music Industry (at Least Not Yet)

It’s not a fix-all.  And the music industry can’t be fixed by a technological breakthrough.  Part of the problem is that the real issue isn’t technological at all.  Read more

4. Spotify Says ‘No Thanks’ to a SoundCloud Acquisition.

Hey, it was a great idea.  But SoundCloud probably isn’t getting purchased by Spotify, after all.  Here’s the latest.

5. Google Blocks the Largest ‘Youtube to MP3’ Stream-Ripper.  Then, They Un-blocked It.

Huh? We’re trying to make sense of this just as much as you are.  On Friday, the world’s largest YouTube stream-ripper,, was completely removed from the Google search index.  On Saturday, it was back on.  All we can stay is ‘stay tuned’.  Here’s the latest.

6. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson Musician Greg Lake Dies

He was a pioneer of prog-rock, and a co-founder of one of the biggest groups of the 70s.  This week, the world bid farewell to Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

7. Why Does Radio Suck? A New Lawsuit Explains Why

AM/FM radio plays the same songs over and over again.  There are tons of ads.  The deejays don’t talk like normal people.  But why does radio have to suck so bad?  More.

8. Vinyl Records Sales Outstrip Digital Sales for the First Time Ever

Sales of vinyl records have been growing for ten years straight.  Now, they’re outstripping digital music sales in the UK.  More.

9. Warner Bros Records Calls Pro-Hillary States ‘Dumbfuckistan’

Surprise: Warner Bros Records artist Kid Rock isn’t a die-hard Democrat.  Now, the Warner Music label is aggressively moving forward with a virulently pro-Trump, anti-Hillary line of t-shirts on behalf of its star artist.  More.

10. Who Has the Biggest-Selling CD of 2016? Mozart.

Unlike other top artists and record labels, I’m pretty sure Mozart himself didn’t spend any money on promotional advertising. More.

The Week Prior: November 28 to December 2, 2016

1. How to Lose Thousands of Fans In One Night, by Five Finger Death Punch

It’s a simple formula, (unfortunately) perfected by Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch.  Get drunk, meltdown on stage, lie to your fans, and infuriate your bandmates.  This time, Ivan Moody… Read More.

2. China Bans All Korean Music and Entertainment

Many Korean music artists, groups, and actors often travel to China. The reason? China is a strong and profitable market. However, after agreeting to install an American defense system, China said NO to… Read More.

3. How Trump’s Chinese Trade War Would Ruin Apple

It’s no secret Donald Trump doesn’t think well of China. He promised to bring back jobs from China. However, China issued a strong warning to the American president-elect, saying… Read More.

4. Can Curved Screens Save Apple’s Dying iPhone?

According to a new report published by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on at least 10 prototypes for their upcoming iPhone 8. The curved OLED screen will cost… Read More.

5. Donald Trump’s Simple Plan to Bring Apple Manufacturing Back to the US

Since 2000, the United States has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs. Donald Trump claims trade with China and Mexico is destroying the middle class. Yet, after a phone call with Tim Cook, Trump said… Read More.

6. Imploding Kanye West Shuts Down ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

The future of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now up in the air, thanks to Kanye West’s mental breakdown. Kim Kardashian is reportedly at his side. However, all signs point to Kim Kardashian… Read More…

7. French Authorities Shut Down Two Top French Piracy Sites

Two weeks ago, French military police seized immensely popular private music torrent tracker What.CD. Afterwards, they caught their long-awaited big prize. French authorities announced… Read More.

8. Will the British Government Ban Twitter?

On Monday evening, across the sea, members of Parliament at the House of Commons voted to approve the Digital Economy Bill. This would grant the government a wide range of power to block sites without age verification. However, the bill writer said… Read More…

9. The Turtles are About to Get Paid $99 Million from SiriusXM

Why are Flo and Eddie so happy together? Probably because the former The Turtles band members got $99 million from SiriusXM. SiriusXM will pay up Flo and Eddie up to $99 million for… Read More.

10. Drake Bails on a $250,000 Gig In Abu Dhabi After Splitting With Rihanna

Image by Hail Merry (CC by 2.0) How much does it cost Drake to split up with Rihanna? Try $250,000, a missed gig in Abu Dhabi, and tons of disappointed fans. Drake didn’t show up to a highly-publicized gig. Yet, the singer was at… Read More.

The Week Prior: November 21 to November 25

1. Kanye West Suffers Meltdown on Stage, Disses Jay Z and Beyoncé, Cancels Rest of Tour

Kanye West sung only 3 songs at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento. He then launched a 17-minute tirade against Hillary Clinton, friends Jay Z and Beyoncé. Finally, he…Read More.

2. Updated: Kanye West Hospitalized for Emergency Psychiatric Evaluation

Following his tirade in Sacramento, Kanye West was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center for emergency psychiatric attention. Yet, this may be just another…Read More.

3. Sacramento Radio Station Bans All Kanye West Music

Sacramento isn’t happy with Kanye West anymore. DJ Justin “Jaymarzz” Marshall at KHHM Hot 103.5 stopped Fade after just 30 seconds, before he stopped the song. DJ Marshall went on an explosive rant a “piece of crap,” a “bum,” and…Read More.

4. Manager Tries to Raise Songwriter Royalties, Gets Sued by 10,000 Radio Stations

Are radio stations paying artists just too little? Manager Irving Azoff think so. He started a new company to get around this. Artists like Pharrell and Ryan Tedder joined up. Yet, radio stations responded with a…Read More.

5. Green Day Says “No KKK, No Donald Trump, No Fascist America” at the AMAs

Green Day doesn’t like Donald Trump. So, instead of celebrating American music, the band decided to change the lyrics of Bang Bang to “No KKK, No Donald Trump, No Fascist America.” Yet… Read More.

6. Will Trump Respond to This Brutal Impersonation of Melania?

It’s no secret that the music and entertainment industry doesn’t like Donald Trump. So, what was supposed to be a celebration of American music turned into an anti-Trump fest. Model/actress Gigi Hadid impersonated the future First Lady with a terrible…Read More.

7. ABC and American Music Awards Reach All-Time Ratings Low

The American Music Awards turned 43 years old, as top-name artists like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande turned out to receive awards. Yet, the bad news is that…Read More.

8. Ad-Rock Says Trump Supports ‘Homegrown Terrorism’ Against Jews, Minorities

Last week, neo-fascists defaced Adam Yauch park in New York. Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz led a massive rally following the vandalism attack. He said…Read More.

9. Judge Allows “We Shall Overcome” Lawsuit to Move Forward

Was the Civil Rights protest song, We Shall Overcome, unjustly copyrighted? One foundation thinks so, and thus, filed a lawsuit. Now, a judge sided with the foundation, allowing the lawsuit to moved on. Yet, the publisher says…Read More…

10. Instagram Rips Off Snapchat With Live Video Launch

Instagram finally launched their highly-anticipated Live Video feature. You can now broadcast live from your mobile device, allowing viewers to comment in real-time. Yet, taking a closer look, the app is actually…Read More.

The Week Prior: November 14 to November 18

1. Kanye West Denies Saying, “I Hope They Build a Wall, I Hope They Get Rid of Them All”

Did he, or didn’t he? After making hateful comments at a San Jose concert, Kanye West and reps denied that he ever said to build a wall and get rid of them all. Fans who attended the concert, however…Read More.

2. TIDAL and Roc Nation Claim to Own Exclusive Rights to Prince’s Catalog.

Last Friday, DMN reported that Tidal could face millions in copyright infringement for illegally uploading and streaming Prince’s entire catalog.   In a preemptive strike, Jay Z’s Tidal and Roc Nation sued the Prince estate, claiming the company does have the right to stream. Yet, the biggest problem is that Jay Z didn’t…Read More…

3. Prince Estate Files Lawsuit Against Tidal, Jay Z, and Roc Nation.

How do you fight a lawsuit?  That’s easy.  You counter-sue.  Welcome to the music industry!

As expected, Prince’s NPG Records sued Jay Z, Tidal, and Roc Nation for illegally streaming Prince’s entire song catalog.  Jay-Z hasn’t paid up, and the “exclusive rights” only lasted 90 days.  If successful, Jay Z, Tidal, and Roc Nation will face…Read More.

4. April: Metallica Calls YouTube ‘the Devil’. November: Metallica Uploads Entire Album to YouTube.

How’s this for a quick change of mind? After calling YouTube the ‘Devil,’ back in April, Metallica has uploaded their entire service on YouTube. So is Metallica simply surrendering, just like every other mega-artist? It looks like…Read More.

5. 2013: Radiohead Calls Spotify a ‘Last Fart of a Dying Corpse’. 2016: Radiohead Uploads Entire Catalog to Spotify.

Another day, another change of heart. This time, Radiohead apparently has had a change of heart, with their entire music catalog now available on Spotify, years after Thom Yorke pulled the band’s catalog. So it looks like the dying corpse called Spotify came back to life, and is now…Read More.

6. Source: The Rolling Stones Invited to Play Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

After Election Day, many people can’t get no satisfaction. President-elect Donald Trump loves the Stones. Now, a source close to the band spoke to DMN and said that the Rolling Stones will have first dibs on playing Donald Trump’s inauguration. However, the offer could…Read More.

7. Frank Ocean Calls the Grammys Racist: “This Is My Colin Kaepernick Moment”

Snubbing award ceremonies are proving to be the latest trend in the entertainment industry. Now, Frank Ocean will officially snub the Grammys, calling it his “Colin Kaepernick moment.” Kanye West promised to follow suit. Readers will remember that…Read More…

8. Breaking: Amazon Starts Cracking Down on Counterfeit CDs…

On Tuesday, Amazon filed lawsuits against individual sellers and comapnies in California, New York, and Florida, for selling counterfeit CDs. Amazon is joined by a fitness company. An RIAA study showed that Amazon is guilty of…Read More…

9. Can Streaming be Profitable? Surprising Results from Rhapsody & Napster…

For the first time in several years, Rhapsody/Napster posted a minor but substantial revenue gain. Last year, Rhapsody posted a $35.5 million loss. The move comes after Rhapsody announced company…Read More…

10. Rick Ross Could Face Felony Charges for Issuing Death Threats Against Donald Trump

Freedom of speech. What freedom of speech? Rick Ross may face Class E felony charges for issuing a direct death threat at the now President-elect. The issue surrounds the…Read More.


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