Breaking: Hidden Headphone Jack Found on the iPhone 7

Breaking: Hidden 3.5mm Headphone Jack Found on iPhone 7

Facepalm image by Brandon Grasley, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0)

Looks like the iPhone 7 has a standard, 3.5mm jack after all. You just have to access it.

About a week and a half ago, a user by the name of TechRax posted a “how-to” video on YouTube supposedly detailing how to enable the missing headphone jack on your iPhone 7. Titled “Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack in iPhone 7,” TechRax explains that all you’ll need is a small power drill in order to drill a 3.5 mm on the bottom left rows of small holes on your iPhone 7.

You’ll also need a clamp to hold down your iPhone during the process. Does your screen suddenly move slightly on its own?  Not a problem. It’s “perfectly normal” according to TechRax.

The YouTube video has gone viral and has now reached over 10 million views since being uploaded on September 17th.  There’s just one big problem with this trick: it’s not real.  You can even see on the video that the video TechRax plays comes through the speakers, showing that it’s merely a prank video.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped viewers from trying out the “secret hack.”

According to The Guardian, people have actually tried this “hack” out at home and have suffered hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage. Just take a look at a very angry response posted on TechRax’s Twitter.


TechRax’s real name is Taras Maksimuk. He lives in Sacramento, California, and is originally from the Ukraine. A quick biography underneath his Twitter handle reads:

Ukrainian who specializes in smashing technology for your pleasure. Microwaved, Chainsawed, Burned iPhone’s…I got you covered.”

If you look at what kind of videos Maksimuk loves creating, just check out his YouTube channel. You’ll find a ton of videos with titles like,

  • Can the iPhone 7 Survive in Liquid Nitrogen for 5 minutes?
  • What Happens if You Microwave an iPhone 7?
  • Will an iPhone 7 Survive in Coca-Cola Freeze Tests for 12 hours?
  • Does the Jet Black iPhone 7 Scratch Easily?

Does Maksimuk regret posting his now-viral iPhone 7 Secret Hack? One look into a tweet posted in Saturday gives you the answer.


You can check out the hoax video in its entirety at the bottom, but please, dear reader:

Don’t try this at home.

5 Responses

  1. River

    Ever since Apple started to make claims and make their phones survive certain situations, people are now testing their phones to do anything. Sounds like this guy played a dirty trick and is doing this to trick people so he can monetize on the views on YouTube. What a scammer.

  2. Jay

    People who actually believed him are idiots who don’t deserve the iPhone. His channel is all about destruction of iPhones. Come on.

  3. rae

    how the fuck is this guy a scammer?! if a human has such little common sense amd is actually stupid enough to DRILL into his phone, he deserves whatever happens to it!! good luck with the lawsuit lol


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