Looking for MP3 Skull? Here’s the Brand New Location…

MP3 Skull: Same Skull, Different Head!

The music industry keeps shutting down MP3 Skull.  MP3 Skull keeps resurfacing somewhere else.

We’ve been covering MP3 Skull for most of this year.  And one thing we’ve noticed is that it’s impossible to shut these guys down.  After a recent shutdown of their second major location this year, MP3 Skull has now shifted domains to mp3.skull.to.  In fact, the mp3 song download hub has now occupied at least three different locations in 2016, with each rapidly attracting tens of millions of users.

mp3skull.com…  mp3skull.onl…   mp3.skull.to.

It’s unclear who’s running the new location.  It could be the same group as before, or a completely new group of developers capitalizing on the brand name.

Actually, there have been a few variations floating around.  But most of those have been closed.  The latest ‘.to’ address was announced on September 29th, and it looks like new users are flocking to the newer address.

This time around, it looks like there’s some expanded functionality: users can not only download MP3s, they can convert YouTube streams to mp3s as well.

That ‘YouTube to MP3’ functionality is gaining popularity, and even leading to lawsuits.  There are plenty of legal unknowns here, but sites are flocking to meet the demand.

The .to domain actually belongs to the island nation of Tonga.  But here’s the thing: anyone can secure that TLD extension.  In fact, Tonga’s TLD has become a lucrative source of income for the tiny country, especially given that ‘to’ is a simple English word.

Again, we’re not sure who’s really behind this new installation.  The first time around, nobody showed up in court.  But a quick sample search shows that MP3 Skull is back to its old ways.

With a few new twists.  Just enter the song you’re looking for, or the YouTube url you want to convert.




Now, the question is how long the new address will last.  So far, it looks like some traffic is transferring over.  But we’ll have to wait until next month to truly gauge the traffic levels.  Earlier, we reported that MP3 Skill was handling traffic of more than 4 million views a month, though a complete site shutdown killed that party.

Back in February, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) successfully sued MP3 Skull for $22 million in damages.  That seemed like the end, until the ‘mole’ resurfaced at a new location, mp3skull.onl.  That site is dead, but mp3.skull.to definitely isn’t.




8 Responses

  1. Roger Porter

    Not the same site, not the same owner. Only a similar name.

    You’ve fallen royally into promoting a fake site, just like these crooks want. The headline really is the icing on the cake.

    • Zaraki

      I agree. Every search on the mp3.skull.to site redirects me to free-mp3-download.su which is as useless as it looks.

  2. anon

    My kingdom for a copy editor…. Do you really need actually 3 times in 2 sentences?

    Actually, there were actually a few variations floating around. But most of those have been closed. The latest ‘.to’ address was actually announced on September 29th, and it looks like new users are flocking to the newer address.


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